3 Ways to be More with Less in the New Year

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There are undoubtedly many things we cannot control, but at the same time, we can do more than we can realize. You can become more with less of what you have with discipline, commitment et al. Trust me. 

2021 is gone, 2022 is here like a baby we were all expecting on 31/12/21. We are not new to the term “New Year, New Me, right?” Well, the new year comes with new plans and goals of wanting to achieve more than the previous year. In most instances, a year passes by with little to no accomplishment of what you had set. However, you can get around that with this article. All there is, is to become more intentional with what you want to accomplish.

  1. Declutter

To declutter means to let go of unnecessary items that cloud your path. It will help if you let go of things between you and clarity. These things could be tangible products that crowd your workspace or intangible things like traits that detach you from your path or the toxic behavior patterns that hold you back. Too many things cloud your judgment, thinking, and functionality.

You could declutter by going back to the basics of what you set as your goals and the plans you set to achieve them and also looking back at what held you back. Strive to be a minimalist and let go of excuses. Get the work done! 

  1. Rest 

Most people do not give meaning to the word rest. We overwork ourselves with the idea of making more money or gaining a rank. When some people rest, others term it as being lazy. We need to be in a place where we do not judge ourselves for needing rest. Overworking is hazardous to one’s health and also alters one’s plans. 

Your mind and body often need rest to revamp and be productive again. It’s  okay to feel tired. The world is already complicated as it is. It would be best to say no to things that do not serve you, plan a proper schedule, and make rest a habit.

  1. Less stress and overwhelm

There is no doubt that stressful situations often emerge, but how you handle them says a lot. It would be best to find activities that will bring your mind off overwhelming situations as you prepare to be productive again. 

You best manage stress by avoiding it. 


You can be more by avoiding the little things between you and your goals. So, how about making the best out of this year by avoiding the small hindrances. 

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