5 Warning Signs You are in a Toxic Friendship

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One common thing that makes independent, successful, and elite individuals stand out is their ability to get rid of toxicity. By toxicity, I mean negative vibes or energy or unhealthy relationships. It may be brought about by people or things crowding your space. Things that deprive you of your peace and joy bringing about unnecessary overwhelms.

We have heard stories of celebrities like Camilla Cabello, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and Selena Gomez get rid of toxic friendships and relationships that derailed them. The first impression they bring to billions of people is pride. They however ignore these perceptions and embrace their characters with the determination that they eventually end up being their best versions.

Some of us may not realize that we are in a toxic friendship or circle, but in a nutshell, it’s when you feel derailed or mental detriment in a particular setup. But to live fulfilling, we need to have positive and healthy vibes. If you notice these signs, you might be in that toxic circle.

Having drama going on

If you constantly find yourself in a dramatic situation with your friends, that is a red flag. Constant drama brings chaos to your life. Allowing unnecessary drama in your life takes away quality time you could be spending for your betterment. Let’s be honest here, what does drama add to your name?

They take advantage of you

If you constantly feel that you are being used by doing endless favors and they don’t do the same for you when you ask for something, they probably don’t value you as you deserve. I’ve been used a few times, perhaps because I am a quiet, introverted person. But I realized I’m happier when at peace than accommodating toxic friends for the sake of having friends. But it’s not quite divine to just leave them, for some don’t realize they are lethal. It would be best to first speak to them.

Disrespecting Boundaries

If someone truly values you, they will undoubtedly respect your boundaries. We all need a certain degree of space, and if your friends can’t respect that, it’s mind-draining. Others could constantly push you to do something you don’t want to do.


When you realize that you are keeping your distance from your friends could be a toxic sign. Ignoring those calls, texts, or lesser interest in hanging out with them shows that something they do is not in unison with you. If you keep postponing meetups, it is a sign that your friendship might be coming to an end. It’s best to go back to the drawing board because no one wants to lose their friends so quickly. Find what is keeping you off, and upon finding it out, address it appropriately.

They put you down

You probably have noticed these friends who undermine you and almost everything about you. They could insult your dressing, sense of style, or humor or constantly blaming you for the mishaps. They might also not let you take the lead in anything you do together. This act is demoralizing, demotivating, and lowers self-esteem.

We don’t want to add unnecessary pressure to ourselves while we already live in a complicated world. It would thus be best to work on it and get rid of toxicity in your life. Stand out by wearing your personality with confidence, avoiding unhealthy connections.

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