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Being a mother is not easy. Being a mother is changing your me-time into your little one’s time.  This baby fever’s ‘manze’ are like shooting stars they make your wishes come true. I say this because I am a mother myself a young mother while we are at it. Being a mother is not something that you prepare for. There is no manual to being a mother, you get to learn step by step as your baby grows how to raise them.

Back to Mother’s day. We as mothers get to experience a lot of activities from conception time to giving birth time. The hormones are always up there next to the Ozone layer a tiny mishap will have you crying bucket loads of tears. From having that little bear grow when they are in your tummy to raising it to the best version of itself is ‘ wooooow!’. It was a scary and confusing time for me when I got my baby. I was a little girl myself still enjoying the warmth of my parents. I had a lot of thoughts and when I mean a lot it was a waterfall of thoughts. I was so happy and devastated at the same time. In our generation, we have parents who are good when it comes to not sparing the rod, they believe you should be standing on your feet when you decide to start a family and I couldn’t agree more but when we children are growing we get to experience a lot of things and the human part in us is always the curious one.

But we cannot avoid things like falling in love and making mistakes. I thought my parents would abandon me and tell me to go and get married and they would forget about me but I was wrong, my mother was excited to have a grandbaby, and my father was disappointed which he had every right to be but if you could see them right now with their grandbaby ‘ah! Bliss!’. The nine months were new experiences, every month you had something going on from morning sickness- to heartburns, the baby moving in your stomach (which is a very weird feeling), to not seeing your feet and eating like a whale. And the roller coaster of emotions is just a lot of things that are 80 percent irritating and keep on happening to you.

I once had a craving that I wanted to go to Mombasa and busk under the hot sun and swim away. Every time I closed my eyes, I could imagine myself walking along the beach, eating coconuts, and building sandcastles and I was so mad I could not go because of the COVID-19 protocols. I did not want to speak to anyone because they all failed to take me there. But after a while, I forgot about Mombasa and started thinking about Quickmart chicken wings and I could not get my hands on that too because going around was an issue because of the Pandemic. It was the most interesting experience.

Raising her has not been easy because I do not know anything about being a mother but luckily I had my mother to get me through it and I do not know how I could ever thank her for it. What could we do without our mothers? They will do anything for their babies, I know I would do the most for my child too without her or him having to ask. Being a mother is a choice that no one will force you to accept. If you are not ready to have a baby, make sure the path you have chosen is safe for your health, you do not know what will happen to you if you try using other shortcut methods. But you know that will not make you any less of a mother.

After all that has been typed and read, I would love to wish all the mothers a Happy Mother’s Day. I know I am Late but every day is mother’s Day and there is nothing we could never do for our children. No manual that comes with how to be the best mother. Even on those days when you feel you do not deserve to be a mother, nothing will change that you are the best mother. Every mother deserves to be called a mother as long as she housed a living small being in her womb which shows you are meant to be a mother and it is the easiest yet the hardest job. I love you Mom, thank you for giving me life and taking care of me. Thank you for your kindness.

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