Afropop artist Antoi has delivered his exhilarating debut capsule EP “Planz For 2”

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Planz For 2, his debut 2-pack EP marks a turning point for Antoi, allowing him to cultivate a stronger connection to his artistry and inspiring him to pursue his dreams of making music professionally. The project highlights his skills, charisma, confidence, and willingness to explore. He feels liberated and carefree as he glides over each melody, experimenting with diverse rhythms and using his velvety vocals to guide us through his vision – a friendly invitation to the starting days of a rising star.

Antoi calls on listeners to move their bodies to the bounce, its lyrics and the artist’s vocals doing all the coaxing with this EP.

With the release of Planz For 2 is the first full taste of what Antoi has to bring to the culture, a thrilling introduction to his all-encompassing artistry.

Antoi has his sight on spreading his sound across the world because according to him, “that’s the vision.

Listen to Planz For 2

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