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Calling all otakus! Calling all mangakas! Calling all cosplayers! Calling all anime lovers new and old. I have big news for you….

Manga and anime fans have a huge reason to smile. But before we get to the smiling, we need to call all of you to action to keep this going.

What am I referring to you may ask? Well here it is. Century cinemax kenya is airing its first ever anime movie i.e. Dragonball Superhero. For the next six days, the cinemas in Nairobi will be airing the highly acclaimed movie as it tests the audiences’ ability to drive numbers. These include Junction, Sarit centre, and Garden city. Dragonball super will also air in Eldoret and Kisumu on Sartuday 20th and Sunday 21st

Should the movie be a success, then it only signals more good things for anime lovers. With box office blockbusters like Jujutsu Kaisen, One piece film red and Chainsaw man waiting in the wings, there is every reason for this test run to be epic.

Now, we have to temper our expectations as we hope for more anime movies. It needs to be mentioned that the DragonBall Superhero is a dub (English version) . That said, it doesn’t matter what time of anime fan you are, what matter is that you get that pretty faced, stubbly chinned, muscular, scrawny, awesome personality to any of the cinemax theatres to get a load of this movie.

Hell drag a few friends, your whole family and a neighbour or two to share in the amazing Japanese creation that is anime. If they are even partially inclined to K-pop and K-drama drag them along. We hope to get them a slot for the Korean movies, but first we start with our anime.

This coming after the second epic of that was a resounding success lift my spirits. However, like any decent business person knows, a good product moves. In the film industry, what keeps a movie on the screens or sent to the bins is how many seats it fills. So to all the friends and followers who wondered why we don’t have anime in the cinemas. Here is your chance. Every number counts. 

I actually suggest showing up in the cosplay outfit of your favorite character. Doesn’t matter whether they are from DragonBall or not. I kinda wish we could have the cinemas allow for vendor to push Dragonball merchandise. if it doesn’t work out for this one, it most definitely will work out for Jujutsu Kaisen and Onepiece Film Red.

I should mention that not all anime movies are shonen and based on “punch fighting”. There are some beautiful stories like Weathering with you, Your Lie in April, Koe no Katachi, Your name and Violet Evergarden that would appeal to the more demur audience.

Keeping my fingers crossed that this all works out, I would like you to follow @moviejabber and @animecafe on Instagram for more thrilling information. Do this though after visiting the cinemas to watch this epic movie. The fate of the anime world is riding on how well this goes down. Please hit the cinemas, you can do it repeatedly if you have to.

Please watch anime
please hit the cinemas

You can get ticket on, or at the venues.

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