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(final episode).


His friends looked good, like really good. They gave off the “Young, attractive and rich single bachelors” type of vibe. My friends agreed but they didn’t know what my best friend, Amina, and I knew.

These men were trouble. We decided to excuse ourselves and leave. The moment we stepped outside the bar after taking a takeaway dinner for ourselves, a voice from behind stopped us, turning around to face them, and both of us froze. It was John and his best friend.

“Why are you ladies leaving so early? Aren’t you celebrating? Would you care to let us buy you more drinks? or dinner, perhaps?”

Present day…

I decided to decline politely, but John beat me to it already. I was so scared, what if they decide to drug us and take us to his sacrificial chamber? I wasn’t ready to die yet, I was so scared I decided to recite the only surah I knew in the Qur’an. Amina was more scared than I was, visibly trembling but we had to act nonchalant, or else they’d know that we know their secret to wealth if they didn’t know already.

So we eventually agreed to get dinner, the safer choice, and none of us left our food unattended until it was over. Once dinner was over, John’s best friend tried to get with Amina but she politely declined as she was in a hurry and I had to use that opportunity to go with her. I couldn’t be with John, because God knows what he had in mind and I was not ready- at all. Since we had our own car, we decided to drive back home to Amina’s address, thinking we escaped death but little did we know.

Once we entered her house it was freezing cold, just like it was at my apartment, a calm before the storm kind of cold. We tried to switch on the lights but they weren’t functioning, and also, it felt like someone else was in the house. We tried to open the door again but it wouldn’t budge. It was time to face the fears we have been running from, we had to anyway.

Suddenly, the lights came back on, and a knock was heard from outside. We looked at each other, wondering who could be knocking at that time of the night. It could only be them, I thought. We opened the door and suddenly, John made his way inside, strangling my neck, looking very dangerous and pissed. I tried to free myself but I couldn’t until his best friend helped me by making him stop.

“Let’s do this in a more..calm way, don’t you think?” He asked, looking at me, still angry and there was something else in that stare…darkness, thirst for something, like blood.

“There was a room that you accessed in my house, baby girl, but since you now know, what were you doing inside that room when it’s prohibited? Didn’t you see the sign?” He asked, clearly pissed. Why was he so angry about me finding out? I would’ve found out eventually anyway, so why is he so angry that I know?

“Answer me!!!” He shouted.

“I don’t know, okay?! I don’t know but I was just curious as I was cleaning the house and I wanted to clean every room so I just entered without any thoughts, I promise you I haven’t told anyone about what is inside that room, please don’t kill me, John, I beg you” I answered. I tried the best puppy eyes I could to make him ease his anger but I didn’t succeed. He looked at me with disgust and told me something that shook me to the core.

“One day, my wife and I, we’re so broke that we decided to go for job hunting then we met this good looking woman driving a harrier with her husband laughing and talking, so they saw us and approached us. He sat on the couch, looking defeated.

They asked us if we were from around because they never saw us around and we told them that we had just moved to the city, looking for jobs to start a life. So they asked us to come to a party that they are hosting tonight and they shall help us in knowing who was who in the city to land us a good job. We were excited, didn’t think much about it and agreed to go to the party. Upon arrival, we were introduced to several men and women who were politicians mostly and also, CEOs who owned good thriving companies. Who wouldn’t want much money? We were served drinks and the next time we woke up, we were in the house-my house, that you saw, and we woke up in that room, naked, and next to us was a bunch of so much money that none of us had seen in our entire life. No one had any idea how we ended up in that new house and room, too many questions started coming up.

We got out of that room, dressed, and went outside to find the couple who invited us to the party, sat us down, and told us that we had been sacrificed to the freemasons and in order to get wealth and not die, we must sacrifice other people. They gave us instructions to kill a person every 6 months and cut off the thumb and put it in the pot, it was food for the demons.

My wife agreed to it, surprisingly so fast that I couldn’t help but wonder how she just agreed to this inhumanity, but we didn’t have a choice, we had to do it. She is in London right now, having the time of her life killing people every day and she will come at the end of the year. When I met you I just knew that I’d eventually kill you and find someone else, but I did something I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with my sacrifice. I tried so many times to do it but it’s like there is a shield around you that is protecting you and it is way too strong for me to penetrate through. You two were our targets, as instructed.” He said, wiping sweat on his forehead.

I was so shocked, that I could barely move. What was that I saw? I mean for real? Does Freemason exist? Do people offer blood sacrifices? Do I live in the same world with people this evil?

“Please say something. I’m risking my life by telling you all this, don’t leave me, darling. I swear I never meant to strangle you but I couldn’t risk this information to get out without explaining all this,” John interrupted my thoughts, with balancing tears in his eyes.

They eventually left, after much convincing that we won’t get a word out. Something felt so wrong-they couldn’t just leave without any fight. So we stayed up packing and praying with Amina, who would want to stay and get killed? No one. They would definitely come back, definitely.

We packed everything that we could and headed over to my apartment through the back door by foot because you wouldn’t know if they left or not. We slept over at my place, having taken the passports and very early in the morning, we left as if we were going to work and passed by the workplace to act like we were reporting to work, took a long leave off work, and left for the airport. We were not coming back until we knew that it was clear to come back.

This comes to an end to the married man series, I have more exciting stories to tell you but for now, let’s stay out of people’s marriages, don’t get an experience like this that would’ve ended in a worse situation than it did that could cost you your life.

Thank you all for your support good people❤️Until next time.

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