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On our latest Segment of Artist to Watch, we get to feature an amazing singer with an amazing voice Anash Muziki. Raised in a family of musicians Anash has always grown up loving music and she get to gain confidence in it while growing up and also doing live performance with Leziki Band. Having first started out her musical journey as making cover songs and doing live performances with Leziki Music Band, Anash decided to do a solo venture in her music career by which she got to perform at various stages including Varcity piknik and The Vibe 254. This gave her confidence to record her first musical studio song Maungo with the help of her friend Jeyfah. She describes Nikita Kering as an artist who has been influential in her musical sound RnB and Soul Music and longs for the day she’ll get to have a collaboration with her. Even though Mauongo is her hit single she hopes to release more studio music that will inspire, educate and chance people’s lives. Here’s what the talented artist has to say about herself:

Can you speak briefly about your upbringing and how you got into music?

I was raised in a family of musicians and I was mostly inspired by my grandmother who still sings in church. I also grew up exposed to Barbie musicals and that is how my interest in music began. I was made aware that I could sing by my sister at around class six but I wasn’t really confident in myself. By this time I was listening to a lot of music by Beyonce, Brandy, and Mariah Carey. In 2015, I joined the Mukumu girls’ high school choir and I can say it played a major role in building my confidence, giving me the musical skills that I have today, and making me believe in myself. After highchool, in 2018, I was exposed to the world of live performances by ‘Leziki band’ who inspired me to make music a career. And here I am today.

When did you start making music? Walk us through your musical journey so far?

Although my interest in music began at a young age, I ventured seriously into music after highchool in 2018. I started by making covers for social media and singing covers in live performances with my friends from the band ‘Leziki Music’.  I also got into competitions including Vipaji 254 where I emerged as the 1st runners up in the same year. This platform exposed me to very many opportunities including the chance to be featured in a Tv show in Y254 further expanding my market. Performing with Leziki gave me the confidence to become a solo performer and I decided to try a solo performance at a Varcity piknik event in the same year. Since then I have been a live performer featured in different events including The Vibe 254. Later, I decided to release my own music and this is when I wrote, recorded, and released my first single ‘Mauongo’ with the help of Jeyfah music, my producer. I also had the honour of being featured in the song by Leziki music called ‘Wife Material.

How would you describe your sound and musical world?

My musical world and sound revolve around RnB and Soul music. Listening to a lot of music enables me to blend ideas and give them today’s sound sonics. I refer so much to the global market and especially to people like H.E.R, Tory Kelly, and Ariana Grande. I feel the need to study them and try to match up to their standards for I am aiming for a higher platform and a greater impact on contemporary music.

What artist has been most influential on your sound?

In Kenya, Nikita Kering has been my inspiration. Globally, I refer so much to ‘H.E.R’. She has a rare RnB style and her music contains modern sonics with heavy characteristics of hip-hop which makes her unique. This is the same technique used in my song ‘Mauongo’.

Describe your creative process?

I like using my guitar in my creative process but my inspirations are drawn from my experiences and other people’s experiences. I write what I feel, what I’ve been feeling over time, and what I’ve learnt from others and this is what makes my music authentic, simple, and relatable. This also contributes to the emotional effect that my music brings.

What has been your experience navigating the creative industry here in Kenya?

My experience has been educative and empowering. I got exposed to different music spaces, especially in radio interviews, which have opened my mind, and made me more aware of what Kenyan music is like and what is expected by different consumers. Getting the chance to meet different creatives with different talents and gifts has inspired me to better my art as a musician and enabled me to work under different dynamics with different people. I can say that being part and parcel of this creative industry has played a huge role in shaping me into the person I am today.

What’s the biggest highlight of your career thus far?

This is without a doubt the biggest highlight of my career. Getting the chance to be featured in such a huge magazine is a blessing. I’m grateful for this opportunity.

What inspired your single ‘Mauongo’ and what was its creation process?

Mauongo was inspired by a personal experience. I decided to share that experience in writing. I first wrote it purely in English using a type beat trap beat from youtube but I later got more ideas and changed some of the lyrics to Swahili to make it fit into the local market. I got a lot of help from my producer and my best friend, Munyuam Lee, who contributed to the overall outcome of the song.

You’ve performed in various stages/platforms. What’s your process for dealing with performance anxiety?

I deal with anxiety by praying before any performance, I think that works for me. I sometimes take deep breaths or chew gum to make me less nervous. Words of encouragement from friends before a performance also help a lot in psyching me up.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

I would like to collaborate with Nikita Kering in Kenya.

How do you balance your music with other obligations?

Since I’ve studied music at the University, it’s really easy to balance between school and my music career.

What’s one message you would give to your fans?

I’d encourage them to put God first, pray always, work hard, run their race, and never give up on their dreams. ‘If your dreams don’t scare you they are not big enough.’

What’s next for you?

I’m hoping to release more music that would not only share my feelings and experiences but also change lives, and educate and inspire people to lead better lives all over the world. So help me God.

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