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Who is Kishe, you might ask, well Kishe is an artist, a lover of art, dance, and food. The singer/songwriter whose full names are Michelle Wakisha Tuwe has been in the Kenyan Music industry for quite some time now, making her music debut in April 2018. She released her first EP dubbed Bliss with a Twist in 2020. We caught up with her to hear how her musical journey has been and what she has in store for us this year.

Kindly share the part of your story that you feel the public should know about Kishé?

Well, I’m an artist, a lover of art, dance, and food. I’m wild, outspoken, and unapologetic. It’s been a journey getting to who I am and where I am now and every twist and turn has been a lesson I’m glad I learned.

How did the stage name Kishé come about?

It actually came from my name. My full name is Michelle Wakisha Tuwe. I basically combined my second and third name together to form Kishé which basically to me means let’s light up together.

How and when did you make your debut in the music industry?

I made my official debut in the music industry in April 2018 with the song better.

Is music what you always wanted to do while growing up?

Yes, it is. I’ve always been drawn to music since I was a child so I would say that it has always been my dream.

How would you describe your style of music?   

It’s more Rnb, soul, and a bit of trap soul.

What inspired you to be a singer-songwriter?  

I’ve always been into music so it came pretty naturally to me but I was inspired by life experiences and talented artists as well.

What is your creative process like?

 I usually get a mood from certain sounds and hum a melody then I put words to that melody and add on harmonies and ad-libs. It’s basically like cooking, where you make it tastier by adding in more flavors.

How do you feel the internet has impacted the music business?

There’s definitely greater outreach, nowadays social media plays a huge role in everything, sales go up by engagement through social media. So for the music industry, people share your music widely and you get to reach more people than you would without social media.

Which famous musician do you admire?

Definitely Ariana Grande, BTS, Xenia Manasseh, and Karun.

If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?

BTS or Karun.

Let’s talk about your EP ‘Bliss with a Twist’, what inspired the EP and which is your favorite song from the EP?

My life experience definitely inspired the album. Things I wanted to say, memories I had, and wishful thinking. My favourite song from the EP is Done Done. It’s just all I wanted to put in a song.

What would you say is the least uncommon thing about your music?

I’d have to say the sound of my music. It’s something people have heard but it’s a story only I can tell.

What draws you to your preferred genre?

The fact that it comes easy to me. It flows right out of me, the melody, the lyrics, the vibe. Everything about it is so fluid to me.

What’s your personal goal, when you create music?

Having to put every ounce of emotion into that song and listening to it and still feel that emotion is my goal.

What do you love the most being an artist?

Honestly, I love everything about it but I’d have to say that I love the fact that I’m doing something that I’m passionate about everyday and having fun as I do it.

What else do you love doing besides?

I love cooking, dancing and reading books.

What’s one message that you would like to give to your fans?

Thank you for supporting me and waiting for me. You’re the reason I am still around. I love you all and I hope you look forward to the things I have in store in the future.

What’s next for you, Will be seeing some upcoming projects from in the near future?

There are a lot of things I have planned. You sure will be seeing a lot of me. New sounds and new activities maybe. Just look forward to it.

Lastly, your social media handles, where can people find you and get to interact/listen to your music?

You can find me on Instagram: @kishe_official__ and on Twitter: @kishe_official. You can listen to my music on YouTube: Kishé Official and on SoundCloud: Kishé

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Lyrical Genius….What a voice

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