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Lucian Basil known by many as LB is a music artist who made his debut in the music industry in 2017 in SA. His childhood dream has always been to be a music artist despite being a graduate of Economic Development from the University of Cape Town. He has his fair share of success in the music industry with his latest single being Lonely Road ft Suyanka and Purp.

Tell us something about yourself?

I recently just graduated with my Masters in Economic Development from the University of Cape Town, and I have plans of doing my Ph.D. sometime in the future.

What is the story behind your stage name LB?

LB is my initials for my government name, LUCIAN BASIL. Since I was young, LB has always been my nickname and so when it was time to pick a stage name it was easy for me.  It just felt natural I go by it.

Who inspired you to be part of the music industry?

Locally, I can say the people who inspired me most include E-Sir & Camp Mulla. E-Sir was just an inspiration, and I was devastated to hear of his passing. He was one of the first people to make me want to make music. Camp Mulla was just refreshing, not only with their sound but also their style. They fueled my passion to become an artist. Internationally I would say 50 Cent. The way he cemented his place as the face of hip-hop in the early 2000s was just incredible, and this sparked my love for hip-hop and rap, and my initial dreams of becoming an artist.

How could you describe your music?

I have a wide catalogue of music with some being more uplifting and energetic while others are a bit more introspective and thoughtful. I bring a contemporary touch to old school hip-hop

When did you make your debut in the Kenyan Music Industry?

I dropped my first solo track in 2017 but I was still living in South Africa. My focus then was to market my music online rather than focus on a particular demographic.

What is the biggest problem you have encountered in the musical journey?

I would say raising the income to invest in the music. Music requires quite a bit of capital, from recording equipment to marketing, and this often lengthens the creative process. As an underground artist, revenue streams are limited and therefore one must be shrewd with the limited resources available.

How would you describe your creative process?

My creative process is very dynamic and really depends on my mood as well as the vibe at the recording studio. I feed off my personal experiences and dilemmas and often use music as a medium to express whatever I’m going through. This allows me to reflect and paint a picture that will resonate with the listener and give them a glimpse into my mental state.

What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

I guess the fact I get to live my childhood dream every day. There is an unparalleled joy knowing you are doing what you want to do.

What skills would you say are most useful in the music industry?

Networking. Like any industry, the ability to form meaningful connections with stakeholders and peers is essential. Connections create opportunities that would have normally not have been available and in an industry such as music, this cannot be understated

Let’s talk about your songs especially the recent one ‘No Favors’, what inspired the song?

This is song serves as the intro to my sophomore mixtape BREAKFAST IN TOKYO 2.  While making the mixtape I was focused on not only proving I can rap at a high level but also creating music that was thoughtful and narrative-driven. Once I heard the beat, I knew exactly what kind of song I wanted to make and I just set about getting off what was on my chest. 

You also have a new song ‘Lonely Road’ ft. Suyanka, how do you think your fans will react to it?

Lonely Road is a party anthem, from the beats to the hook, everything just meshes in well. Purp and Suyanka both deliver unique yet memorable verses that will live long in the listener’s ears. B.Y is a super talented producer and Lonely Road showcases that.

Tell us about your EP ‘Attitude Adjustment 2’, In a few words, how well would you say your EP faired in the local music market?

Attitude Adjustment 2 is a collaborative album with fellow artist Dazz and serves as a sequel to our debut mixtape Attitude Adjustment. The name was inspired by our mutual love for WWE and in particular, John Cena, who personified resilience and strength, both key attributes necessary for success in the music industry.  The album is an ear gem for hip-hop lovers who value lyricism and wordplay. I think it did okay, was hoping it would have done a bit better if I’m honest. The lead single ROLL ONE has over 1.5k on all streaming platforms and was able to get featured on Homeboyz Radio.  Every time you drop music it is a learning lesson, and you take what you get and move on to the next one.

Who do you see yourself collaborating with in the near future?

I’d want to work with TNT, Octopizzo, and Flxme.

What is one message that you would like to give to your fans?

I really appreciate everyone who has followed the journey and supported my artistry. Your support shall not be in vain.

What can we expect of you in 2022?

More music, more visuals, more shows, more interviews. Just more everything. I also have some interesting features in store, so be on the lookout. 

Lastly, your social media handles where can people find you and also get to listen to your music?

Instagram & Twitter: @elpresidente_lb

YouTube: Money Don’t Sleep (

Apple Music/Spotify/Deezer: LB (EL PRESIDENTE)

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11 months ago

[…] Lucian Basil known by many as LB is a music artist who made his debut in the music industry in 2017 in SA. His childhood dream has always been to be a music artist despite being a graduate of Economic Development from the University of Cape Town. He has his fair share of success in the music industry with his latest project being an EP called ‘NIGHTS LIKE THESE’. […]

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