Beautifully Imperfect

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Purposely penning this down

The ink being my dear dying emotions

So I hope reading this

Opens up your eyes,

melts your heart like ice

And makes you realize:

When I say the words ‘I love you’

It goes beyond successfully secreting serotonin

It is me giving myself wholly

With a bit of silly folly

Surrendering and rendering

And making you my forever always

Not just when it’s convenient

And that being said

You know I’ve had good lessons

From past lovers, we used to cuddle

And slow, sultry snuggle

Hence I pray you not like men of the sin city

Who split women into two, just to look for their mothers in between their thighs

And though my beauty might be what captivated you first

or maybe the thirst for lust

I hope you see fast

Beyond big boobs

Tender thighs and a pretty face

Coz all this gonna fade

And yeah the Hollywood formula

Maybe taught us that

True love’s kiss is what is gonna complete us

But I want you to know you aren’t a half

You are more than enough

And I am a handful but that’s why you have two hands

And throw away all those societal fallacies and fancies

You are not everything in my world

I can live without you

But even with this

I hope the little things I do to show you love

Create a silly thought in your mind

That though you not everything in my world

And I can live without you

Living and being with you is everything

And I hope we love each other like God wants us to

When it’s hard

When we give each other every reason to leave

But still, stay

When we acknowledge each other’s imperfections

And differences

But still, go together

Like cranberry and vodka

Let’s dive in right here

With no fear

And together let’s just be

Just so beautifully imperfect.

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1 year ago

I love it 💓

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