Bigpin Drops His Long Awaited EP Titled ‘PINO’

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Chrispin Mwangale, better known as Bigpin, is one of the pioneers of Urban Hip Hop and Kapuka sounds in Kenya, which revolutionized radio play and television entertainment to the digital era and saw the en masse migration of Kenyan music lovers from western music genres to local music.

Known for his popular hit songs ‘Bigpin’ ‘Natafuta’, ‘Bamba’, ‘Talk to you ‘, ‘Tera moss’, and ‘You’ and his collaborations with some of the biggest artists in the Kenyan Music the scene, Bigpin established his brand as the ‘Luo Flow Rap King’ and to his fans as the ‘Beast from the East’.

He has performed concerts in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Amsterdam-Netherlands, Belgium, Stuttgart Germany, Rwanda, Dubai, Belgium, Burundi, and the United States of America and collaborated with Nameless, Amani, Ndegz, Patonee, the late K-rupt, late E-Sir, Collo, Kleptomaniax, Habib, Sanaipei Tande, Frasha of P-Unit, Jegede, Pascal Tokodi, Shinde of the former tattoo, and many more.

His EP, PINO, takes a dive into the person Big Pin. These past years have taken everyone on a rollercoaster and The Beast from the East is no expectation. PINO is an all-encompassing EP that reveals the person behind Big Pin. You can find PINO on all DSPs.

Stream PINO EP

Bigpin just dropped the EP on the 9th of May after an exclusive listening party with his fellow musicians and fans. He is currently on a media tour to promote the EP and has a launch on the 5th of June 2022 at The Alchemist.

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