Blue; The Newest RnB Bedroom Playlist Album on The Block

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Briefly tell us something about the album?

Blue is a sensual collaborative album that features Mood Orin, Kishé, Moses Stringman, It’sKVM, The Afrophonist. Blue was recorded and produced by Mood, It’sKVM, Sound Surgeon and Moses Stringman at Iris studios Sound Chest Studios & mastered at Mood Studios. The Album has 11 tracks which are all R&B and Blues based with synths and drum-lines infused with Hip-hop; Afro Fusion; and Rock influences.

Why did you chose the name Blue for the album?

Mood Orin: So there’s this guy from back when we were young black and the old day’s 😂😂, the way he hid his porn was mad. He’d take the .mp4 off of the files and change it to .blue. That way the files never actually showed up on the videos roster but if he opened a black VLC or whatever kind of video player honest phone that shit would just, you know, pop off pun intended. Yes. So sex. That was my goal… to get people to have sex.

Kishé: Blue is such a sensual color for me. It’s vast yet calm, beautiful yet fierce, sexy but classy and I feel like this album brought all of its aspects to life.

Mood Orin: What’s was the creative process like while coming up with the album? Honestly the process was all over the place. The first time we made Hue with Moses Stringman, Kishé didn’t even know about the project yet. I’d been stalking females YouTube for a minute and I liked her previously released stuff.

Kishé: When Orin reached out to me and told me he wanted to do 2 songs I was excited and then we ended up with 11 tracks 😂

Mood Orin: That was all cap. I knew it had to be a whole project. Moses Stringman and I made all the tracks first. Before going into the booth with Kishé. I produced most of them. It’s KVM made Stumble’s beat. Some were already pre-existing ideas from a couple years back. Like the Shit that She Likes track. Wrote that in 2019 and The Afrophonist recorded that sax at Sound Chest studios back then too. Kishé just made everything come together honestly.

Kishé: I came to Iris Studios, heard the beats. Hummed some melodies. Made some magic.

There’s a lot of sex in this album. Why?

Kishé: Because sex is empowering, it’s free, it’s captivating and let’s be honest it’s everywhere. We listen to songs about it, read books about it and even experience it. For the longest time it wasn’t something that could be talked about openly, mostly from a female perspective. But now, it’s an open topic. So it’s only fair that somebody talks it.

What was the most challenging aspect while coming up with the album?

Choosing the title track. I kept postponing every time Kishé asked. We had to do Rock Paper Scissors in the end. It had come down to Tempo and Stumble. Kishé won.

You’re all talented in unique ways what made you decide to team up and come up with this album?

We’re all sexual people.

What was it like while recording and doing production for the album? Did you guys enjoy or was there pressure to deliver?

Mood Orin: It was mad exciting.

Kishé: The time pushed me out of my comfort zone. It was fun.

Do you think the music from the album will fit the local scene?

Yes. Everybody’s bedroom deserves this album.

Was anyone else involved in writing, recording, or producing the songs?

Mood Orin: Yeah, there was. A lot of people came together to make this album possible. Moses Stringman who was on the lead guitar, It’s Kvm who played keys for Stumble, The Afrophonist did the sax on Shit that She Likes which Sound Surgeon and I mix mastered a couple of years ago, Kishé and I co-wrote all the lyrics and produced pretty much everything else.

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