Comedian Propesa opens up on dating women who only wanted him for food

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Why do people go on a date? To meet the person of their interest or love and perhaps for a little bit of romance as well. Will you be surprised if we tell you food can be the reason for some people to go on a date? A recent study has concluded that some women go on a date just because they want to relish a free meal and might have nothing to do with romance or understanding the other person better.

According to a study, some ladies are willing to wine and dine with a man they do not like just to get a chance to eat a free meal. Mostly, ladies perch on unsuspecting men when they are strapped for cash and badly crave a well cooked meal without having to pay for it.

An article by the New York Post also interestingly established that women mostly make such a move when money is tight, when they want to try a new and expensive restaurant, take pictures to flaunt on social media or when they cannot afford the food themselves.

The icing on the cake is, such ladies often end up getting intimate with the men they went on dates with and zoom off as soon as they are done.

“Foodie calls,” unlike “booty calls”, can happen when money’s tight, the grocery store is out of a favorite frozen meal, or when the salary has not yet checked in and she must keep up with her appetite.

From this, a writer sought for a young woman’s take on the research.

Regina (not her real name) says she joined a dating site (Tinder) and accepts any invitation out as long as she gets to eat good food and take pictures of the expensive meals and in high-end places, of course, to show off to her friends on social media

“That is how I get to take pictures in expensive hotels for my instagram page. I have men who I can randomly call when I find out a new restaurant and want to try it. Food can be very expensive in this Nairobi and girls have to eat. So, you have to pretend to be in love just for the food. Honestly, if I was asked to clear the bill, I would take a loan, ” 22-year-old Regina said.

Popular Kenyan Comedian Propesa also weighed in on the entire story saying that he himself was a victim of such women and that he had spent thousands of shillings unknowingly.

“I used to date such girls. Not even once. I am myself a victim of women who only wanted to be with me for the food. They wouldn’t even ask me for anything else. All they would do is call me when they were hungry or when they had spotted a new, swanky restaurant and wanted to try it. I have spent tens of thousands of shillings trying to impress these women. Kumbe ni njaa imewaleta kwangu buana, ” Propesa said, laughing.

The comedian also noted that these days, girls do not want to meet in the house like they used to.

“Kitambo ungeita mrembo kwako kwa nyumba, akuje, akupikie, mkule, you watch a movie and just chill. These days, you have to take them out. Before you know it, utakuwa umezungusha hawa watu hoteli zote Nairobi kumbe msichana ako na agenda ya njaa, sio mapenzi ,” he adds.

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1 month ago

Regina is my new role model😂😂😂. I’m also adding ‘foodie call’ to my vocabulary 😅

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