Dear Murugi,

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Promises are meant to be broken, they say, I’ve broken one, two, too today. The last letter I wrote to you was a goodbye, I had found another. Sadly, you chose to stay as my main character. You were the words I spoke, the dreams I had, the visions I saw. You had stolen a huge part of me. Today, I’ve allowed my imagination to wander all over the place as I sweat words for you.

Who knows I might end up spending my twenties or even my lifetime, writing you letters. Not because I love you, keep that in mind. Well, you may say I do, just for today.

There is a thing about first love, they say, it never fades. Or what do they say? Does it die slowly? Does it die and resurrect when it feels like and consume you till whenever? Tell me.

The guy you loved, still do?

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