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Depression is a state of disillusionment, despair and lack of enthusiasm in life. Psychiatrists define it as a neurotic or psychotic condition that causes one to lack concentration. Each and every one of us has experienced depression at one point in our lives.
You know those days or weeks or months that pass by and you just wanna be alone, switch off your phone, sleep, wind and rewind all the negative things that have ever happened in your life and get so tired at the very thought of having to do something. Yes that is depression right there.
In this article, we are going to look at the causes of depression and ways of getting out of depression. Let’s jump right in. Some of the causes of depression include:

Abuse refers to misuse or bad use of someone or something. There are various forms of abuse: emotional, physical, verbal, and sexual. Emotional abuse is the infliction of pain in one’s feelings for instance when someone incessantly tells you ‘You are good for nothing or ‘I don’t understand how you can be so ugly and stupid at the same time’. Or when you get beaten and ruffed up at the slightest mistake, it physically causes pain to you. Abuse leads to depression as it stirs in one feelings of shame, low sense of self-worth, anger, rejection and hurtfulness, all which are ingredients of deadly depression.

Losing a loved one to death is very painful and it could set one off-balance emotionally. Since death is a very permanent hurtful state of things, one might find it hard to cope with it. The thought of not being able to see and make more memories and go through life with a loved one ever again for sure can reign darkness and gloom in ones life. And that is the time depression sneakily snugs its way into one’s life.

Medical Conditions
There are various medical-related conditions that make one susceptible to feelings of depression or emotional lows. For instance, cancer, undergoing intrusive surgeries, and psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia, compulsive obsessive disorder et cetera.

Broken Relationships
Throughout life, one thing that is a constant is human relations since we are social beings. Romantic relationships are a key part of people’s lives that is why breakups hurt so much. A study actually shows that divorce is the second most painful experience a human being can ever go through. Breakups set us up on a whole new gear of emotional instability as people try to move on. That is why it is important to be careful not to let it drag us deeper and deeper into emotional distress and depression.

Now that we have looked at some of the causes of depression, it would be great to know ways of getting out of depression (if one is already in it) or of avoiding depression. Some of the ways include:

Prayer is a focal point in anyone’s life whatever religion one professes. This is because when one prays they are able to voice out their heart’s hurts. I don’t know about you but prayer has such an easy way of bringing peace and calm in my life.

Engaging in activities that one enjoys
Depression always has an easy way of sucking all the energy and dopamine in our lives. We never realize it but any moment you lock yourself up in your room, take an inventory in your mind of all the bad things you have gone through in your life, and just feel weak, we dig deeper into the dangerous dark hole of depression. Hence, purposing to engage in activities that one enjoys is a sure way of helping yourself up from depression. Because as one engages in physical activity, the body uses energy and the mind gets in tune with the energies and lets off the toxicity. Go out there and do something you like, will you?

Talking about one’s feelings
Someone once coined the aphorism, A problem shared is half solved. Talking about your feelings is important as it makes the feelings lose grip and their strength over you. It is like bringing things that were in darkness to light. Well, people might not have solutions to your problems but the fact that you let it out means you are saying to the problem, “Look, I know we have been caught up in all these self-pity and victimization feelings but am letting you go.”

Reading books on the same
Books harbor so many secrets and wisdom on getting on with life and help bring things into different focuses. There are various ‘How-to’ books that could help one deal with the feeling of depression.
I would love to conclude with the fact that depression is just a feeling, and being a feeling it will just pass. So if you going through it the silver lining is that you won’t always feel so low and downcast forever so long as you take steps to get yourself from all that negativity. Our mental health is very precious, let us all jealously purpose to guard it. Talk, sing, dance, write, cry, pray just do whatever you need just to get back those good sunny vibes you deserve. Blessings!

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1 year ago

A very knowledgeable read👌🏽

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