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There is a song that goes, “No Longer Be a Victim of the Devil on My Shoulder.” It has a lot of sense to it because most of us, me included live life while listening to the devil on our shoulders. That side simply put means that you can do anything that you are not allowed to do, or cheeky things, or something you have always been afraid of doing and you will not feel any regrets about it. But the devil on your shoulder is the driver of these actions, he or she speaks to you and they are like, ‘Fanya kwani iko Nini, kesi baadae!’  Most of these actions you will not find yourself indulging on your own, you may have a friend who will push you into doing these things and their influence will grow more on you and will make you want to do these things, for them it’s easier because it is normal behavior for them and you find yourself following a pursuit.

There are some scenarios where I chose to listen to the devil on my shoulder, I was accompanying my aunt to the salon and we almost spent the whole day in the salon, my friend texted and told me she was around and I told my aunt she would find me later when she was done. I went to where my friend was and I saw soda and mind you I had not eaten anything the whole day so I drank the soda without even being polite and asking if she could mind if I  sipped, and I instantly tasted the bitterness that was warmly moving its way down to my stomach, I stopped midway looked at the glass of soda, looked at my friend and she was smiling with the expression of ‘ You my friend are about to have the time of your life on her face, I instantly knew I was scotched up, pun intended. I had never drunk before in my life, the feeling was weird, but exciting at the same time, but the devil on my shoulder was up in my thoughts again, I felt I had to finish the remaining soda and so I did and did it feel nice.

I heard that you choose the path you want to walk in and the universe will guide you through it, so if you choose to listen to the devil on your shoulder, the universe will walk you through it. Some people say they only live once so why should they lead a saint life? Living a pure life does not necessarily mean that you will not make any mistakes, since we are all humans there will be a time when you will cave into the evil thoughts in your mind and follow them. Someone told me that the Devil does not listen or know what you are thinking but the moment you utter your plans that is where he swooshes in and tries to make you do all bad things. I don’t want to advise people to listen to the devil on their shoulders but there are some situations you can.

If you want to avoid listening to the devil on your shoulder, here are some things you can do, you can decide to block out his voice by being your adviser, you have to show him whose boss in that area, and since the devil on your shoulder is a personality, you can try and negotiate with him or her, agree with him or her but just know at the end of the day you won’t do shit that he keeps on whispering in your ears, and you can create your own Angel on your shoulder. For those guys who were in the cartoon network era, do you remember the animation Angel’s friends? The one where a person was sent an angel and a devil who helped them in making their decisions and it was up to the human to choose who to listen to? You can live that cartoon life and create your own Angel who can fight the devil on your shoulder. And everyone is battling with the devil on their shoulders so you don’t have to feel weird about it.


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9 months ago

This is really good


Nzule saiyalel
Nzule saiyalel
9 months ago

I love this x

9 months ago


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