Donado Stone Links Up With Kiburu On New Banger “IGotU”

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Fast rising Kenyan Rnb singer Donado Stone releases his much-awaited single ‘IGotU’ featuring Nairobi-based rapper Kiburu produced by a young Kenyan producer Autum Kray. The record was released through Stretch Hold Music Group (SHMG).

I Got U addresses the issues to do with infidelity in a relationship with focus on topic that not many people are courageous enough to address; the perspective of how it feels to be the ‘side guy’. He addresses the fact that he is okay with being the side guy in a relationship where the girl already has a man. Though the topic of infidelity is not something new to the music industry, his approach is. He is courageous enough to walk through territories that not so many are willing to go to which sets a tone for what we expect from him. The song is a clear intuition towards explaining how it feels to be the third wheel in a relationship and the fact that it is okay for a woman to have more than one man.

The production of the song is a perfect combination of Pop, Rap, Hip-Hop, and R&B classic that creates its own world through this perfect marriage. Autum’s work is something that was clearly needed in the industry today. Donado’s delivery and approach to the record is unique and very specific as he combines rapping, singing and even talking in the same verse. Kiburu who is well articulated presents himself as a gentleman with an agenda.

With the state of the music industry right now, a song of this stature is nothing but a perfect reflection of what quality music actually sounds like and I must say that I am proud of the result. The repetitive hook is nothing but catchy, catchy enough to make you remember it for a long time and sing along; the perfect formula for a hit song. The combination of these elements makes this the perfect song to start your year with, even though you are not a ‘side nigga’ you will still find yourself dancing to the tune. Is Donado advocating for ‘side niggas’? Maybe, but yet again, so many of us are in this predicament, so we might as well do it with the accompaniment of good music.

Personally, I have listened to the song a couple of times; it is actually on repeat and I must say that this is my favorite song of the year so far; it might not be expected but the record is good enough to fall in that category. It’s the fact that I can say that these artists are actually talented and creative and willing to push boundaries when it comes to what is defined as popular music and knowing the radio culture in Kenya, this song is about to get some major airplay.

The video was rather impressive as it shows us a different perspective of how an African man sees himself in a world where Africa is viewed as a weakling. His representation of himself as royalty, to be specific, historical royalty with support from Greek history; seeing this brings so much joy into my eyes. The quality of the video which compliments the quality of the song shows you the set agenda of an artist who knows what he is doing. Watching the video is like watching a Hollywood animated film only with good music in the background.

To check out the video, click on the link below:

Courtesy of Derrick

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