Ecstasy Releases New Single ‘Stay’ – A Soul-fulfilling Love Song That Soothes the Soul

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The Kenyan music scene is constantly evolving, and with it, comes a new wave of female songstresses. These new artists are bringing their own unique styles and sounds, and they are quickly making their mark in the industry.

One such artist is Brenda Waithera, also known as Ecstasy. She has been singing since she was young and has continued to pursue her passion for music throughout her life. Her debut project, “Answer Me,” produced by Kelvin Izo and directed by Didy, showcased her unique style and sound. Her new single “Stay” takes her musical talents to a whole new level, highlighting her proficiency in creativity, songwriting, and vocal range

As a singer and songwriter, Ecstasy is dedicated to creating potent songs that examine life’s complexities with an open heart and keen eye. She believes that music has the power to touch people’s souls and evoke strong emotions. Her melismatic vocals are her strongest tool for enticement, which she uses to communicate particular messages in the smoothest ways possible.

Ecstasy draws inspiration from classic soul, R&B, pop, and Afrobeat, blending them to create a unique and versatile style. She is constantly exploring new sounds and genres, allowing her to showcase her talent as a singer and songwriter.

“Stay” is a romantic love song, which combines various music genres such as pop, rhythm, blues, soul, funk, and electronic dance to create a soothing sound. The song expresses the artist’s intense feelings of being in love, and how it makes her feel adored and fulfilled. Through her strong and raspy vocals, Ecstasy describes the experience of being close to her loved one, and how she desires to spend every moment with them. Although the lyrics are simple, the message of the song is powerfully delivered, and it leaves a poignant impact on the listener.

The song, ‘STAY’ was produced by Vicky Pon Dis. On the other hand, it was directed by Steve Hunter. In this single music, Ecstasy voice is unmistakably pure as she pledges her eternal love on this soul stirring single.

Ecstasy’s goal is to build a long, successful career in music. With her talent, dedication, and passion, she is well on her way. Her focus on creating potent songs that examine life’s complexities with an open heart and keen eye, along with her melismatic vocals, make her a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Despite the challenges that come with being a new female artist, she is confident in her abilities and determined to succeed. Her passion for music is evident in every note she sings, and her hard work and dedication are already paying off.

Fans of Kenyan music should keep an eye on this rising star. With her talent, creativity, and passion, she is sure to make a name for herself in the Kenyan music scene and beyond

Overall, Ecstasy is a talented and passionate singer who is making a mark in the music scene. With her melismatic vocals and powerful messages, she is sure to continue captivating audiences and inspiring listeners around the world. Fans of soulful and inspiring music should keep an eye on this rising star


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