Elly Wee Debuts Premier Mixtape

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Kenyan artist Elly Wee has dropped a compilation mixtape of his classics as he celebrates a year since his first debut in the music industry.

The mixtape has a total of 5 songs that is a cocktail of a wide range of sounds that walk with the singer and rapper, as he experiments with different music styles which cover a wide range of topics with love, relationships, and breakups being standout topics.

The mixtape comprises singles such as My lady which was his first release, a laid-back song that sees Elly acknowledge his lady love, followed by Geti Kali his second release a song that sees Elly, the battle for the love of his life who is under pressure from her friends and family not to marry him as he is not wealthy.

Only is also a romantic thriller that pursues the singer who features Jave Samson on the hook as he opens up to his significant love about her being the only occupant of his heart.

Nimewachwa on the other hand features Petrooz and delves into the topic of infidelity and the regrets Elly harbors after he is caught cheating.

Walk away is an open letter from Elly to this lover and encourages a lady to leave an abusive relationship and find a safe haven somewhere else.

Belly Dancer is the final and the latest song on the mixtape, it’s an energetic and colorful dancehall song that follows Elly as he awes at the belly dancing abilities of a fine girl with a good physique. The song is currently his biggest hit.

The mixtape dropped over a week ago and is available for streaming on YouTube and other music platforms.

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