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I don’t know if this has happened to me alone but have you ever walked past someone and for a brief moment you lock eyes with this person, move on with the journey but something tells you to look back, and when you do you lock eyes again with this person? I know some have not but let me tell you Maina 😂that are some of the best feelings you will ever experience in this life. I have experienced it severally and what made me turn back each time was the eyes, some eyes are unforgettable like mine.

It’s not a fairytale, it’s the universe doing its magic. If you were with your partner at that moment that it is happening, would you consider it flirting? I bet you all know the meme that shows a boy with his girlfriend, then a sexy woman walks by and he turns and admires the girl and forgets his date for a second, and the date is behind in disbelief. He does not stop the girl but he watches her as she leaves. I don’t know if that is considered flirting but I would consider it flirting and I don’t know what I would do if something like that happens to me, maybe die from the embarrassment.

There is a difference between appreciating beauty and flirting. If I or you were walking alone in the streets of Kanairo, and a very attractive person walks past me and we locked eyes I would turn back to my friend and wait to see if they will turn too, but this does not apply to ladies because we are queens and we love lifting each other’s crowns. The fact that am dating will not have escaped my mind and if the man will decide to seek me, I know I will tell them am not interested but they look like my next mistake which I would like to avoid. And some people will disappoint you because there is always a turn-off with these beautiful people.

If I do that would that be considered flirting? I’m guessing it wouldn’t because the only thing am doing is appreciating the beauty of someone. Here is another scenario, your man or your lady comes and tells you that they have seen ‘mtu ameiva sana.’ And they can’t stop talking and explaining their features, she was wearing a skirt that was so low you could practically see her but or he was wearing grey sweats you could see his abs, you know what I mean. What would be the reaction then? Will you get mad or will you listen to your partner as they appreciate someone else’s beauty in front of you?

I have been in a situation where I was at an event with my partner and the people were dressed to murder, shorties with big butts, small waists, big titties, and dudes with big chests, tall boys, handsome rastaman, you know, ‘yaani unajiangalia unashangaa huyu msee’ was he or she blind when he or she was choosing you or what were the odds that sexier people would be there, I mean, but if you’re confident in your partner’s decision on choosing you then you shouldn’t be worried, we appreciate beauty over here. There is a blog that I have read that it is only natural for people to stare at beautiful people and they got that right.

You can’t expect your partner to be a hundred percent attracted to you, there is that small percentage of body features that they like but they are not on you, and if a person happens to pass by who has the body that they have always liked best be sure they will stare because it is something they consider in their book as enticing to their eyes, but try not to hide it that you are staring otherwise it will become an argument you can’t avoid. It will be their decision whether they will cave into the temptation or walk away and remember what their partner offers them aside from having great personalities and big hearts. Let us learn to appreciate beauty where it should be appreciated and never forget to flirt with your baby because flirting is what got you here and flirting is what should keep you here.

P.S Keep the Flame Lusting

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Virginia Nyawira
Virginia Nyawira
7 months ago

Love your work😍

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