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Hey You.

When was the last time you ever woke up to a good morning text or someone asking you how has your day been. Guess alot or most of us wake up to……. ‘simu imejaa mkuu…..HEHE(chest pains)T for TUFF

Funny how close friends become our worst friends .let me not say enemies because that is such a bad word to use for people who have known each other for so long you literally know the person inside out. Funny how blueticks and greyticks are the new stoppers.It’s funny how people glorify in unread messages .what the heck happened to us really? I wonder if we had grown up as happy as we were when we were kids playing “brikicho?,banture! and cha mama …i wish we would have grown to be such innocent and loving souls as we were then without a care in the world about who texted last and who texted first and such short stories.


So i have/had this friend not really sure if we still are its just silence on both sides. We have always been close since our teen years. So during the pandemic sadly we had to move far way from each other and i understand friends part get on with it dada…but for my case i didn’t want that norm for us. I wanted it to be till we’re grey and old

So one day i texted and asked my friend.” Hey how are you and why should i always be the one to ask you how you are or why should i always initiate our conversations? ” well i could have just kept my thoughts to myself because excuse my French jmen maji yakimwagika kweli hayazoleki… The response was;I am too demanding, i am petty, people have alot of things going on na si lazima nitextiwe kila saa. I agree it was not a must lakini Wueh ushai feel roho imefika kwa miguu? well me neither i am not that short…..i just felt so sad that i cried spent alot of time  overthinking and re-evaluating myself.Sucks right?I had alot of questions like;

How was i to know you were not okay?

How was i to know life was hard for you?

The same way your life was mine was also the same

I only needed my friend to ask me if i am also doing okay.Atleast we cold have a conversation where if i can open up my feelings maybe you would feel comfortable and open up to me

Three years down the line i still can’t believe that i was a baggage to someone .This is some emotional baggage that has been dragging me for so long .*sighs*

A little advice to you my dear lovely persons .Just don’t put your friends, families ,lovers through this kind of emotional baggages. If you are  tired just tell them instead of waiting for your emotions to get the better of you and then all the pent up emotions turn into bitter outbursts .Communicate your feelings like how we used to when you were a small kid remember when you used to get caught and you used to say aaah mi sitaki game easy as that or when you did not like someone you could just say no wthout the fear of being called bad names?.I am not saying that we become kids again no what am trying to put out is lets try to be brutally honest with each other be it a fiendship, intimate relationships and families. It can save alot of baggage make a little lighter.

It goes both ways to .For the one who is also on the other side trying to gain the other person’s attention, let’s read the room people.usiforce issues step tu roho safi..they ..stay taliban .Let’s learn to have a good communication between all of us that’s how we can build some more love and trust between us. Have you ever listened to Xeniah Manasseh’s song WATU WANGU? Thats the background song when am writing this to you…..So Happy New Year guys! I wish this year brings us good vibes and very healthy relationships and lots of success



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1 year ago

Nice read

1 year ago

Am taken back to the times and I just smiled at how good life was…

1 year ago

Interesting read. The song too is dope.

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