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Endometriosis, what is it?

What do you know about endometriosis?

A picture showing parts infected.

I know you have heard about this condition or your close relative or friend has been diagnosed with it.But what is it?

Endometriosis is a reproductive condition that affects women of the reproductive age. What happens is that endometrial tissue finds itself in other places apart from the endometrium.The endometrium is the lining or the wall of the uterus.

So when tissues of the uterus find themselves in the fallopian tubes, the cervix, the vagina or extreme but rare cases, the stomach or the lungs then this is what is called endometriosis. The endometrial tissue or endometrial lining is also known as the ‘wallpaper’ of the uterus. This ‘wallpaper’ peels off during menstruation and then a new ‘wallpaper’ grows back to wait for the next menstruation.


This endometrial tissue is made of some special kind of tissue known as glandular tissue. These kinds of tissues are highly vascularized (have a lot of blood networks) and secrete or respond to hormones.

When these tissues find themselves in other areas apart from the uterus, they will continue behaving the way they would behave while on the uterus. They will peel every month and secrete hormones. The problem here is that they are peeling in the wrong location (cervix, fallopian tubes, vagina ) where they cause massive inflammation because they are trapped there.

Endometriosis presents with the following symptoms:- Chronic inflammation which leads to pain in the pelvis, pain during menstruation, pain during sex.- Menstrual problems eg excessive bleeding or pain during menstruation.- Infertility especially if the ectopic tissues are embedded in the fallopian tubes.Endometriosis is primarily a problem of too much oestrogen. The endometrial glands are very sensitive to oestrogen. Therefore reversing oestrogen dominance is specifically the target when managing endometriosis.

High oestrogen levels are caused by – Milk and Cheese- Hormonal contraceptives- GMOs- Soy eg soy oils, seed oils, soy protein isolates etc- GMO grains- Gluten eg Wheat and Corn – Glyphosate herbicides and other pesticides and insecticides.- Cotton eg cotton tampons and cotton oil.- SugarDealing with endometriosis is about dealing with the causes not the symptoms.Here is what to do:- Eat organic foods. Grow your food and raise your own animals.- Vitamin C ( sauerkraut)- Avoid seed oils. Eat animal fats.- Avoid milk and its products- Selenium is a good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.- Omega 3 ( Fish, Fatty meat) – Vitamin E- There is an enzyme called Aromatase that converts Testosterone to Oestrogen.

This enzyme has to be blocked. My recommended supplement is STINGING NETTLE LEAF extract. (I have this in my clinic for my clients struggling with manboobs.)- Cruciferous veggies (Cabbage, Brocolli, Cauliflower) are anti oestrogen. So, they are good at managing endometriosis. – Iodine. This mineral blocks unnecessary oestrogen receptor cells. Iodine is in table salt. Kelp salt has iodine too.- Eliminate sugar and sugary foods/drinks including fruits and honey.- Fasting. 18:6 is a good start.- HIITs and resistance training.- The sun.

Save your women. The system uses them as Guinea pigs for profits. #BetterTogether

Source of this article:Telegram channel, The warriors.

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