EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Meet Nasha Travis One Of Kenya’s Fastest Rising Songstress

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There has been a series of evolution in the Kenyan industry over the years, with tons of talented acts emerging to deliver amazing songs to their audience. However, if you look at any Kenyan Afro R&B artist on the rise list, you’ll probably find Nasha’s name somewhere toward the top. And if you’ve ever listened to her music, you know that’s she’s more than deserving of such recognition.

Having been born with one of the best voices, Nasha Travis started singing in school and in church just like most female celebrities but what makes her different is the fact that her talent is inborn.

Nasha Travis began her music career in 2020 doing song covers with her most popular being Holy by Justin Bieber which gained a lot of attention online.

She began recording her own music in 2020 releasing her debut single Pambana, which she described as a song about resilience and never giving up on her interview with Boomplay, the same year. She released her debut project titledThe African Sound Queenin 2022

Nasha’s music influences include Kenyan artists like Wahu, Nameless and Avril whom she grew up listening to. She also named Nadia Mukami, Jovial and Tanasha Donna as some of the current artists she looks up to.

However having looked at some of her projects, I can comfortably say that this young girl is way past some of her mentors; and her voice is just what we need to hear on our radio stations.

Nasha Travis is undoubtedly one of Kenya’s fastest rising stars. The Nadata singer welcomed us into her world by walking us through the journey of her craft as an East African musician.

Who is Nasha Travis? What is the story or meaning behind your name?

Nasha Travis is an afro Rnb/bongo artist from Coast. My artist name (Nasha) originated from my real name which is Natasha and Travis came from my small brother whose name is Brian Travis. So basically l formed the two names because l didn’t want people to call me names that l didn’t recognize and is far from my real birth name.

When did you start making music? How has your journey been thus far?

l professionally started making music when l was 18 years old in the year October 4th, 2020 when l released my first cover ‘Holy’ by Justin Bieber.

My journey in the music industry has been a mixture of greatness and lots of challenges.

What artist has been most influential on your sound?

l normally listen to a lot of artists and love their work, so choosing is a bit hard for me but I’d say Jovial, Nadia Mukami, Avril, Nandy and so many other artists.

What has been your experience in the creative industry thus far?

l have experienced a lot in the creative industry especially as a female artist l have definitely grown and learnt a lot like for example there is just a lot more to just being a musician, you have to be a good performer, social, communicative, one needs to be learned about the music business, one needs to know how to play different types of instruments. Also, it has come to a point that as an artist you need to learn on how to record, produce and master your own songs rather than wait for a producer to do all that for you. So there is just a lot to just being a musician in the creative industry.

How would you describe your sound in the musical world?

I’d describe my sound as unique, soft, and high-pitched.

What story are you trying to convey as an artist? What makes you unique?

As an artist l try to tell stories that relate to everyone. I usually don’t like limiting myself when it comes to what my fans and myself want to listen to. What makes me unique is that lm an open-minded person so l like trying new things which enables me to be able to pull through any type of genre besides me having my own sound.

What is your creative process like?

In my creative process as a musician and Songwriter l usually have vocal classes in the morning every day, then depending on my schedule if l have a recording session, l choose to start my beats from scratch and have different types of writers alongside me because l believe in two heads are better than one. So basically l usually have my days scheduled for whatever activity that l want to do in order to better my crafts.

Who are some of your favorite current artists that are out at press time?

l have so many current artists that l love listening to such as jovial, Nadia Mukami, Ayrastarr, Tems, Simi and so many others.

What inspired the creation of your EP ‘The African Sound Queen’?

What inspired me to create my EP are my beloved fans who look up to me. They even inspired the name ‘the African Sound Queen’. Which they call me. I and my management saw that it would be a bold move for a 19-year-old female artist to launch an Ep which will also increase my playlist songs enabling me to perform more on stage since at that time l had a few songs to perform.

Your EP featured amazing artists. How was it working with them?

In the EP, l worked with Joeffes who is from Mbuzigang. Worked with Madini classic, Bonga the producer from Tanzania whom l had to bring him to Kenya to work with him. Some we didn’t get to meet up but we just sent the audio and some we met and did an amazing job together.

What can you say about your double release?

My double release is something my management and l were planning for a couple of months now. And the target was to increase more singles on my side for easy performance and increase of plays in the digital platforms such as Spotify, boomplay and so many others. Plus the fans wanted more songs from me so giving more songs ment quenching their thirst.

You’ve had a great deal of success, and collaborated with some of the best. What are your favorite past and current collaboration?

My favorite collaboration is definitely with all the artists e.g. Mejja, Reagan dandy, Joeffes, Madini Classic and so many more I’ve worked with, they were all so amazing.

You have performed at many stages, but where did you enjoy performing the most?

Honestly, I enjoyed performing at the events l have done there is none that l have never loved

What is your favorite song to perform?

My favorite song to perform is definitely Akitokea, Unaonaje, Naiwe, and NADATA there is just a vibe.

With the present-day industry so focused on just creating an instant hit, do you feel that there is still a need for artist development?

Definitely, there is a need for artist development, because if you end up making a hit as an artist you need to know what’s next after that which includes bettering your crafts and how to deal with big opportunities coming your way such as us record labels, endorsements, how to invest with your money in order to build a professional career in the music industry.

When you’re not recording and performing, what other hobbies make you tick?

When am not doing music l like exploring which includes traveling I’m also a content creator and an influencer and l dance in my free time so that’s what l do mostly.

What’s one message you’d like to give to your fans

Definitely, l would love to thank my fans for supporting me from day one, and l urge them to continue supporting me and that I’ll consistently make more amazing songs for them to listen to endlessly.               

What’s next for you?

I‘m here to serve my purpose which is to make good music for my people to listen to and definitely reach greater heights for myself.

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