Exclusive Interview with Usanii: Empowering Creatives to Monetize their Work and Connect with Fans

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Usanii is a web platform that has been gaining a lot of attention lately for its unique approach to empowering creatives to monetize their work and connect with their fans. With a wide range of features that allow creators to get tips, sell their work, and merchandise directly to their fans, Usanii is quickly becoming the go-to platform for artists, musicians, writers, and other creatives who want to turn their passion into a viable career.

According to the team at Usanii, the platform was created to help bridge the gap between creatives and their fans. “We noticed that many talented artists and creators were struggling to make a living from their work,” explains the Founder. “They had the talent and the passion, but they didn’t have the tools or the resources to monetize their creativity effectively.”

To solve this problem, Usanii was designed to be a one-stop-shop for creatives looking to turn their passion into a viable career. With its easy-to-use interface, creators can set up a profile, showcase their work, and start earning money from tips, sales, and merchandise sales in just a few clicks. Create an account

Recently, EpicPulse Magazine had the opportunity to sit down with the team behind Usanii and get an exclusive look at what makes this platform so special. From its intuitive interface to its powerful monetization tools, here’s everything you need to know about Usanii.

Q: Kindly introduce Usanii to EpicPulse Magazine’s readers?

A: Usanii is a web platform that allows creators to monetize their creativity by getting tips, and selling their work, and merchandise directly to their fans. With Usanii, creators can easily set up a customizable online storefront where they can showcase and sell their work, as well as offer exclusive perks to their fans. Usanii also provides creators with tools to manage their sales, track their income, and connect with their fans through social media and email marketing. Whether you’re a graphic designer, podcaster, musician, artist, writer, or filmmaker, Usanii can help you turn your passion into a sustainable career.

Q: How did the idea for the site originate, and what was the inspiration behind it?

A: Usanii was inspired by the need for a platform that would allow performing artists to monetize their work during the COVID-19 pandemic. When the pandemic hit and live performances were no longer possible, many artists struggled to find ways to make a living. This is where the idea for Usanii was born. After receiving a PayPal link from an artist friend and realizing that there was no platform specifically designed for creators to raise money using familiar payment options like M-Pesa, we talked to more artists about the problem and the opportunity for a platform like Usanii. With the encouragement of these artists, we decided to start building Usanii as a solution to this pressing need.

Q: What is the main aim of your site?

A: Our vision is to financially empower African creators by providing them with the tools they need to monetize and manage their work more effectively. We believe that by giving creators the ability to easily sell their work and merchandise directly to their fans, and by providing them with the tools to track their income and connect with their audience, we can help them build sustainable careers and achieve financial success. We are committed to providing a platform that is easy to use, reliable, and tailored to the needs of African creators, and we believe that by doing so, we can help them reach their full potential and make a positive impact on the world.

Q: What challenges did you face while building and launching the site?

A: One of the challenges we faced was the process of reaching out to and recruiting artists to use the platform during the development and launch phases. Despite the excitement that many artists expressed about the potential of Usanii, the process of building the platform took longer than expected, and this slowed down the momentum leading up to the launch of the platform. However, with hard work and persistence, we were eventually able to bring a diverse group of artists onto the platform, and have continued to grow and evolve since the launch.

Q: How does the site benefit both the creators and the users who tip them?

A: Usanii benefits both creators and users who tip them by providing a platform for creators to easily raise funds, and sell their work, merchandise, and exclusive content and perks directly to their fans. This allows creators to monetize their work and build sustainable careers, while also giving fans the opportunity to support and connect with their favorite creators in a meaningful way.

For creators, Usanii provides a range of tools and features that make it easy to manage their sales, track their income, and connect with their audience. This includes access to tips, customizable storefronts, marketing tools, and analytics. By using Usanii, creators can take control of their careers and build their own businesses, rather than relying on traditional gatekeepers or intermediaries.

For users who tip creators, Usanii offers a convenient and secure way to show their support and appreciation. Whether they are leaving a one-time tip or purchasing a ticket, users can feel good about knowing that they are helping to support the creators they love and enabling them to continue creating new and exciting content. Overall, Usanii helps create a more direct and mutually beneficial relationship between creators and their fans.

Q: How does the site ensure that the funds are distributed fairly and efficiently to the creatives?

A: Usanii ensures that funds are distributed fairly and efficiently to creators by using a variety of tools and features to track and manage payments. These include analytics and statements that allow creators to see exactly how much they are earning and when they were paid.

In addition, Usanii has implemented a number of security measures to ensure that funds are transferred safely and securely between users and creators. This includes using secure payment providers like Safaricom’s M-PESA and implementing strict measures to protect against unauthorized transactions.

Q: What types of transactions are most likely to take place on your platform? How does the site handle payments and disbursements to artists?

A: On Usanii, the most common types of transactions are currently likely to be direct financial support from fans through tips or donations. The platform enables creators to share their work, connect with their fans and receive financial support for their creative endeavors. However, we also plan to expand our offerings in the future and allow creators to sell their works, tickets, merchandise, and other exclusive perks directly to their fans on the platform.

Usanii handles payments and disbursements to creators through the use of a secure payment processor (Safaricom). When a user makes a purchase or leaves a tip on the platform, the funds are transferred to the creator’s account and the creator is then able to withdraw the funds to their mobile M-PESA wallet or bank account.

Q: What features will make the site more friendly to both users and artists, including the ability for users to contact each other through message boards, comments, or build a community on the site?

A: Usanii is designed with a focus on providing a user-friendly and engaging platform for both artists and fans. Some key features that make the platform accessible include:

Creator profiles: Artists can easily set up their own profiles on Usanii, which allows them to connect with their existing and new audiences, showcase their work and promote their upcoming events.

Access to exclusive perks: Fans will have access to limited perks made available by their favorite artists, such as exclusive content, merchandise, or access to exclusive events.

Direct communication: Usanii will soon have a feature where artists and users can connect through chat and special shoutouts on the platform. This will help foster a sense of community on the site and make it easier for artists to interact with their fans.

Easy, fast, and secure transactions: Usanii has implemented a number of security measures to ensure that transactions are handled safely and securely. This includes easy and fast withdrawal options and secure payment processors. This makes it easy and convenient for both artists and users to support their favorite creators and track their transactions.

Customizable storefronts: Creators can set up their own customizable storefronts on the Usanii platform to sell both physical and digital products to their fans directly. This streamlines the process of selling and makes it easy for creators to manage and track their sales, and increase their income potential.

Q: What measures does the site have in place to protect the privacy and security of both the creators’ and the users’ personal and financial information?

A: Usanii takes the privacy and security of both creators and users very seriously. The platform employs a number of measures to protect the personal and financial information of both groups:

Secure payment processors: Usanii uses secure payment processors to handle transactions, which ensures that sensitive financial information is protected and encrypted during transit.

Data encryption: All personal and financial information is stored on Usanii’s servers using industry-standard encryption techniques, to protect it from unauthorized access or hacking attempts.

Fraud detection and prevention: The platform has implemented fraud detection and prevention measures to protect against unauthorized transactions and protect the security of user’s financial information.

Privacy policy: Usanii has a clear and detailed privacy policy that explains how the platform collects, uses, and shares user data. Users can review and understand the policy, and can choose to opt out of any data collection or sharing if they wish.

Regular security reviews: The platform is regularly reviewed and updated to meet or exceed the latest security standards.

Overall, Usanii is committed to providing a secure and private platform that respects the rights of both creators and users. While no system can ever be completely risk-free, all the measures taken allow us to minimize any potential risks and handle any situation that may arise.

Q: How does the site plan to expand or evolve in the future?

A: As a web platform, Usanii is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our creators and users. Some potential areas of focus for future development include:

A mobile application: Developing a mobile app will make it easier for creators to access and manage their profiles, sales, and other features from anywhere, at any time.

Expanding beyond tips and donations: Providing more types of products and merchandise that can be sold on the platform, including physical and digital products.

Partnering with brands: Partnering with brands to offer paid marketing opportunities for the creators, this will increase revenue for creators and provide more value for brands.

Developing new tools and features to help creators and users connect and interact: such as virtual events, live streaming, chat, and special shoutouts.

Increasing support for different currencies: Expanding support for different currencies to reach more creators and users across Africa, to provide more convenient payment methods, and increase the accessibility of the platform.

Enhancing security and privacy: Continuously working to improve the security and privacy features for both creators and users to protect their personal and financial information.

Ultimately, Usanii’s goal is to continue to evolve and improve the platform to meet the needs of creators and users and provide them with the tools and services they need to succeed in their creative careers.

Q: What sets the site apart from other creatives tipping platforms?

A: Usanii sets itself apart from other creative tipping platforms in a few key ways:

Customizable storefronts: This year, Usanii will allow creators the ability to set up their own customizable storefronts where they can sell their physical and digital products directly to their fans. This allows creators to build their own businesses and have more control over their income streams.

Direct connection with Fans: Usanii has plans for features like chat and special shoutouts which will help foster a sense of community on the site and make it easier for artists to interact with their fans and for fans to connect with each other.

Exclusive perks and content: Usanii allows artists to offer exclusive perks and content to fans, such as access to exclusive events, merchandise, and other experiences that are not available through other platforms.

Tailored to African creators: Usanii is tailored to meet the needs of African creators, with support for different currencies and payment methods, and with features that are suitable for local creators and their fans.

Focus on privacy and security: Usanii places a strong emphasis on security and privacy, and has a number of measures in place to protect the personal and financial information of both creators and users.

Growth potential: Usanii aims to constantly improve and evolve the platform to meet the needs of creators and users, with plans to integrate with other platforms, expand beyond tipping and add new features and services that will allow creators to grow their audience and revenue.

Q: How does the site encourage user engagement and participation?

A: Usanii employs a number of strategies to encourage user engagement and participation, some of which include:

Community features: Giving users the ability to interact with creators through community features such as message boards, comments, and shoutouts helps foster a sense of community on the site and encourages participation.

Exclusive content and perks: By allowing creators to offer exclusive content and perks, such as access to exclusive events, merchandise, and other experiences, users are incentivized to engage with the platform and support their favorite creators.

Regular events and promotions: Organizing regular events and promotions, such as live performances, giveaways, and contests, can help keep users engaged and encourage them to participate.

Encourage social media sharing: Making it easy for creators and users to share their activities on the platform with their friends and followers on social media can help bring more users to the platform and increase engagement.

Feedback mechanism: Usanii could also provide a way for users to give feedback and suggestions which can help the platform improve and develop more features that users need.

Q: How does the site plan to address any potential issues or challenges that may arise in the future?

A: We have a few strategies to address any potential issues or challenges that may arise in the future. These include;

Proactive monitoring: We will continuously monitor the platform to identify any potential issues or challenges and take action to address them as soon as they are identified.

Risk management: The platform has a risk management plan in place, which helps to identify and assess potential risks and develop strategies to minimize or mitigate those risks.

User support: We have a dedicated user support team that can help users with any issues or concerns they may have. Our team will be available to assist users with any technical or account-related issues and help to resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Communication: Keeping open lines of communication with creators and users will allow us to keep a close eye on their needs and concerns, thus preventing any future issues.

Regular updates and maintenance: We will keep the platform updated with the latest security updates and features to minimize any potential vulnerabilities and maintain platform stability.

Have a backup plan in place: We have a backup plan in place to ensure data and service continuity in case of an unexpected outage or issue.

Overall, Usanii will work to address any issues or challenges that may arise as quickly and effectively as possible, with the goal of minimizing any disruption or inconvenience to users.

Q: What is the process for artists to sign up and start receiving tips on the site?

A: The process for artists to sign up and start receiving tips on Usanii is very easy and involves the following steps:

Create an account: Artists will need to create an account on Usanii by providing basic information such as their name and account details like an email address and password.

Verify identity and account details: To ensure the authenticity of the account, Usanii will likely ask the artist to verify their identity by providing a valid ID/Passport.

Set up a profile: Once their account is verified, artists can set up their profile by providing information about themselves, their work, and their contact details. They can also upload images, videos, and other media to showcase their work.

Connect payment methods: Artists will need to connect their payment methods, such as M-PESA phone number or other local payment methods that will be supported by the platform.

Promote their profile and work: Once their account is set up, artists can start promoting their profile and encourage their fans to support them by making donations or buying merchandise.

Track your earnings: Artists will have the ability to track their earnings, and have an insight into the donations, merchandise, and other income streams they are making through the platform.

Overall, the process is simple and straightforward, but the platform can provide any necessary support to artists as they set up their accounts and get started by receiving tips and other financial support from their fans.

Q: Can users tip any amount, or are there minimum or maximum limits?

A: Currently, Usanii users are able to tip any amount starting from a minimum of Ksh 10. However, there may be maximum limits set by our payment processors, which are in place to ensure secure transactions and compliance with anti-fraud and money-laundering prevention regulations. These limits may change in the future and we will keep our users aware of them.

Q: Is there a fee for users to tip on the site, and if so, how is this fee calculated?

A: For users, Usanii does not charge a fee for making donations or purchasing merchandise from their favorite creators. However, they may be subject to fees imposed by their banks or mobile payment providers.

For creators, Usanii charges a transaction fee of 5% when they withdraw their funds to their bank account or mobile payment provider (such as M-PESA). This fee is used to cover the costs associated with processing and handling the transactions, including payment processing fees, regulatory compliance and other administrative expenses incurred by the platform.

Q: Does the site offer any tools or resources for artists to promote their work and encourage users to tip?

A: Currently, Usanii allows artists to create a profile and share it with their fans to receive tips and donations. We’re constantly looking to improve the platform and in the future, we’ll provide creators with the tools to offer exclusive perks or custom messages of gratitude to show appreciation and encourage their fans to tip them. This could include things like early access to new content, behind-the-scenes content, or merchandise discounts, that will be added to the existing features and resources of the platform, providing creators with even more ways to connect with their fans and build a sustainable income stream.

Q: Is there a way for artists to track their earnings and see a history of their tips?

A: Artists can easily keep track of their earnings on Usanii by monitoring their account. They have a detailed overview of their earnings including the breakdown of who has tipped them or purchased from them. This will allow them to stay on top of their income streams, and ensure that all transactions are properly recorded and accounted for.

Additionally, Artists will be able to access detailed transaction information such as date, amount, and the name of the supporter. This will give them transparency and allow them to better understand their fanbase and audience.

Q: Are there any limitations or restrictions on the types of content that can be posted or tipped on the site?

A: On Usanii, we have restrictions in place to ensure that the platform remains a safe and appropriate environment for all users. Some types of content that are not allowed on the platform include:

Illegal or criminal content, such as content that promotes or glorifies hate speech, racism, violence, or other illegal activities Adult content, such as nudity or sexually explicit content Harassment or bullying of any kind Spam or fraudulent content

It’s important to note that Usanii reserves the right to remove any content or take any other appropriate action if it is deemed to be in violation of these guidelines or policies. We encourage all users to review and abide by these guidelines to ensure that the platform remains a positive and safe space for all creators and users.

Q: Does the site have any partnerships or collaborations with music industry organizations or other music-related platforms?

A: At Usanii, we are dedicated to empowering creators financially. We recently established a partnership with a publishing company to enable them to distribute royalties directly to their artists through our platform, making it easier, more efficient, and cost-effective for artists to track their income streams.

We are currently in active conversations with other organizations and agencies, exploring ways to leverage the Usanii platform to support creators and enhance their revenues. We look forward to announcing new partnerships in the future and continuously work to provide the best tools for creators to monetize their creativity and manage their income streams on one platform. We believe that through these collaborations, both creators and organizations can benefit from the opportunities Usanii platform provides.

Q: Are there any additional fees or charges for artists to use the site beyond the fees for receiving tips?

A: Usanii only imposes a small 5% transaction fee when creators withdraw their funds to their bank accounts or mobile wallets like M-PESA. This fee is to cover costs associated with processing and handling the transactions, including payment processing fees and regulatory compliance. This fee ensures that we can continue to offer a stable and reliable platform for creators to manage their income streams. Additionally, creators are able to track all their earnings, fees, and other financial details in real-time which allows them to make the best decision for their financial management.

Overall, Usanii is a powerful platform that offers a range of tools and features for creatives looking to monetize their work and connect with their fans. With its intuitive interface, powerful monetization tools, and focus on community-building, it’s no wonder that Usanii is quickly becoming the go-to platform for creatives looking to turn their passion into a viable career. Create an account Usanii

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