Fast Rising Kenyan Singer Ruguru Tanya Delivers A Strong Message Of Love In ‘For Sheezy’

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The Kenyan music industry has many upcoming artists who are working tirelessly to prove their craft. Ruguru Tanya is one of them. A young, female artist with beauty, brains, and the voice of an angel. While pursuing her very intense and time-consuming course in IR, she still finds time to create music. She is a whole package.

Since her last single, “Crazy” which she released last year her name has started being noted by big players in the music industry. She has had several TV and Radio interviews with all being big radio and TV shows in the country. She was also featured in the Business Daily Article “Young R&B singer With an Old Soul Makes Her Move”

Her new beautiful song ‘’For Sheezy’’ is captivating and delivers a strong message of love. She has previous releases singles such as “Crazy’’, “No love” where she tapped into the hip hop genre, and ‘’Blessings’’. Ruguru being a very versatile artist even at this early stages of her career has shown that she’s very unique and her range is something to watch.

For Sheezy will surely take the airwave by storm since it has a captivating chorus and is easy to memorize.

“For Sheezy is a song that’s meant to showcase the beauty of love and its longevity 

It dives into the giddiness and butterflies that you feel especially when you’re with that special person of yours. The childlike excitement that can sometimes even be perceived as “craziness” and all the good things that follow with falling for someone 

I expect people to listen to this song and feel that same excitement when hearing the words and grooving to the beats 

Play it for your special someone or someone that you want to be special to you and let them know that you love them for sure! for sheeezyyy!” Ruguru Tanya. 

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