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Demons huh! What a fancy yet scary way to call the challenges we face in life. When I was growing and catching up with metaphors of the real world, if you would’ve told me you were fighting demons I would have literally thought you meant ‘UNAPIGANA NA MASHETANI’ little did I know that I’d have to fight these so called demons later in life. I believed my life was a fairy tale nothing in my world would go wrong. Oh my, I was so wrong. Sighs!

All of us have different ways of how we fight demons and here are some ways; some of us go to therapy or ask friends or family and some of us decide to ride solo and some of us don’t even have any demons to fight to begin with’ Must be nice’

Let me list some examples of demons so that we can be at par with each other. So some of them are anxiety, giving up on yourself, failure, heartbreaks, pain, jealousy, anger,insecurities and those bad feelings that make you feel less confident about yourself. Yes these are the demons that keep on pestering us and there are many more.

For me there was one time I had to make a decision about something really important in my life and I was sitting on the fence on that one. I wondered how people would think of me and I didn’t really pay attention to what I thought about myself. It reached a point where i said ‘AHH SI NI LIFE! IT IS WHAT IT IS!’. What is meant to happen will happen and I should allow things to everything fall into place. I was really wrong on that one it made my life so dark and gloomy. So I left my mental stability in a non ending emotional turbulence that would send me into mental breakdowns anywhere and anytime. The breakdowns never had any warnings and that was the worst thing that could have ever happened to me. Usually you never feel like opening up to someone because in your defense no one would understand anything that you are going through except you.

And i support that .That’s why you alone can fight your demons because you know how your emotions are and if it gets too hard you can rely on help from someone experienced or even pray.‘ A prayer a day keeps the demons away’ as I say.

So one day I decided I did not want to feel like this anymore. I decided to make a decision which would help me fight all these emotions that kept me on edge because my mental wellness was what mattered the most. I listened to music that would calm me down anytime I felt a burst of emotions and I embraced the fact that i did not have a perfect life. I took walks which helped me clear my head and watched shows that made me forget about everything. I tried meditation and also did my hobbies,affirmations too and this has helped me build my own team of demon fighters.

I Know some of us have been through so much, but look at how you managed to pull it through. Fought with every living cell in your body and now look at you now, aren’t you proud of yourself? I know I am. Life can never be rainstorms everyday but remember you can find sunshine in the rain.

Once you get through that terrifying threshold of accepting that, then every place is the center of the universe, and every moment is the most important moment and everything is the meaning of life.” Rick and Morty


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1 year ago

Still fighting my Tu demons 🙂

1 year ago

This is awesome😊

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