For a generation of Kenyan rainbows: for pride.

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Pride. Love is love, a huge slogan for this queer and questioning generation. And why shouldn’t it be? And why should love not just be allowed to be love? It hurts no one right? We are all looking for a little piece of happiness every day and the person you go home with is a huge detail of how happy or how unhappy you are. If I was to start entire propaganda about this I’d never finish. I have my journal for that so I’ll save you all the campaign of it.

June. She’s so gorgeous and she might be tough but I smile anyway. She looks at me with hope and no prejudice about who I am. She appears and suddenly a lot more people are more open-minded and the ones already in it are louder. She makes them wear their flags like a proud sigil.

A lot goes on in June, except its easier, the struggles, the downs, they’re easier once you turn every which way and all you see far and wide are the flags of a generation loving each other, loving on each other, supporting each other, and altogether glowing. That didn’t always apply here, in this country.

They weren’t always supportive of each other. L against G against other G’s and all of them against the B’s that couldn’t pick a side. Yet now at every turn is a rainbow supporting another rainbow, the enormous progress in that little clandestine society. It is everywhere. They are nurses, they are teachers, they are deejays and they are in government.

They go unnoticed unless you look keenly, closely at the things and people that make them smile a little bit more in a world and country that’s against their very existence. They define themselves, they are the queers, the theys, hers and hims everywhere. We see you. I see you. Their struggles are never done, they can never quite introduce their significant other to their relatives.

Thy can never quite be themselves, until they found each other, until they found homes and guides and parents in each other, until they raised each other up and wore those bands with pride and never let go of who they are, their struggle, to accept each other, to support each other, to hold each other’s hands when the going got too tough, their resilience.

They made homes within each other, travelled far to make their vows, had their friends walk them down the aisle, brought home another rainbow of a different gender to appease their families, they’ve been through it all, abuse from cisgender heterosexual bigots on the daily, physical, mental, emotional, they are a society that has grown, has thrived through the indifference.

We see you. June recognizes you, that flag you wear on your arm, that flag you wear on your soul, it is valid, as valid as any hetero, we celebrate you.

The queer writers, artists, creatives who put out content, we see you, we celebrate you. tell your stories, your love stories, your sad stories, your war stories, your life stories.

A revolution, a not so clandestine revolution of queers is rising, more confident, more outspoken, more loving, and they will demand to be felt, and acknowledged, and they are already impossible to ignore now, and soon they will be a force to be reckoned with. They grow in numbers every day, coming out to their more accepting and allied friends. There is a spectrum of sexuality, and it thrives even in secrecy, it thrives with its own pride, it thrives on love, being just that, love.

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