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What makes you attracted to someone and why are you not attracted to some people? I am going to talk about my point of view on boys or men since I am attracted to boys (chuckles shyly).

I once saw a boy, he was so tall, I could imagine myself talking to him and my mind would constantly think how my neck would have to work hard on trying to focus on his handsome face. From afar he took his strides seriously, I did not think he would ever notice me, he had a lot on his plate, I mean the handsomeness I just wanted to admire it from afar. There is something about guys with nose rings and broad shoulders quite attractive if you ask me.

There is something about boys with beards and the perfect jawline. The most beautiful eyes and lips come from boys. Why would a boy need all those eyebrows, eyelashes, and baby hair? You don’t even have to lay edges but you still look so good. And the perfect skin they don’t even have to do a lot of facials, they just wake up, wash their faces, and do not apply anything on their face but it will glow like no one’s business.

Boys with muscles, biceps, triceps, everything ceps is just so. But that’s just my point of view, people have a lot of different tastes and preferences. I don’t want to say man because ‘nitaharibu maneno’ but if a boy passes me and he is smelling so damn good, I could even eat him, excuse my language. Something is triggered in my mind I want to know that smell for a long time. I don’t even think they notice it but ladies love a man who smells like sugar and spice and everything nice.

Take notes boys because I am not repeating myself. Dress like you are always on the runway. You have an audience in us. You always have to look good if not for me then for you because you never know who is watching. A considerate man, that is so attractive. Like if we are walking ‘kwa Barabara,’ and you push me away from the road and hold my hand, “please marry me!”. That shows that you are thinking about my safety and that makes me happy. Some guy I met saw how I was struggling ‘kutoshea’ on the path with him and instead of him saying move away or you go first I will be behind you, it was like we were competing with the cars. That was lame.

We don’t take your hoodies because we want to wear them, some of us love the smell that comes with the hood or we want to show the world to which this man belongs. And you guys have a good taste in amazing clothes. Sometimes I’ll decide I will shoot my shot if you are looking like a cake. I cannot waste my chance on having beautiful babies just because you decided not to ask me out. ‘compe ni compe Roho Safi.’ Ladies are becoming brazen these days if you leave your man unattended to ‘utapata ashashugulikiwa kwingine ukizubaa tu!’

All ladies and all men love to be spoilt, but some of us and some of us are either crazily attracted to money or we are just crazy with or without the money. But money is always essential for both of us, we all love being treated like Kings and Queens because we are. If you treat me like a goddess be sure I will treat you like a god. We love men who know their way around everything, ‘YKWIM!’ I don’t have to tell you to do this or that you know what makes me happy, what makes me excited and everything nice.

Choose your poison and let it kill you! We love clean baby boys. Are your fingers clean? Yes. You pass. Are your clothes and hair clean? Yes. When do you want to get married? I am ready baby. A kind guy always wins at the end of the day because why do you want our kids to be ‘vichwa mang’aa?’ You know Ying and Yang? The good and the bad? You have to pick a side for her or him. 


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