From The Archives, We Recall.

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Howdy! Let it be known that I procrastinated to write this piece of writing. You know, they’re repacautions of procrastination that always catch up with you, whatsoever.

So, today, I was having Mathematics and Clinical Engineering exams, you know what? I kept thinking about this writing throught both papers. I hope I didn’t write my thoughts, if I did, dear lecturer, I hope you won’t mind recalling with me, from the archives.

Her name is Bunny, we met after Corona happened, still is happening, right? Anyways, we met, still. She was one of a kind; gentle, like a goddess, she was far-fetched. Ours, if I was to confess, was a mistake. A mistake that can be made right, anytime, but time won’t allow us. Ours, if I was to recall, was a mirage; written and staged. Unluckily, ours never won an Oscar.

Her name is moonlight, sadly, she never glowed brighter. Ours, If I was to recall, was sui generis. It was like it was meant to be, but not again. It was like a dream, but then again, a reality. I’m still trying to figure out how ours, was.

Her name is panda, well, not a pet name I wanted to give her but for the sake of writing, I guess the name fits her, don’t you think? So, ours, I still don’t know how it will feel like, but I feel like I have felt what it will feel like, to have ours. You see, when I see her, I see love. No! Scrap that. I see life. She’s full of life. I bet she will be reading these words while smiling, yes, panda, it’s you. I love you. Wait, I love ours already. Love me! Wait, did I just simp?

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Ken mwaura
2 years ago

A great article bro..can’t stop wanting to read more😎

Linah Wangui
2 years ago

you fucking simped kiddo

2 years ago

Safiii brazza

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