Garey Godson Touches Socio-Cultural Themes in “Hadiza”, a Collaborative Single with Drummr Africa

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Nigerian, Berlin-based artiste, Garey Godson expresses his views on some cultural constructs in
his new smooth sailing eclectic record, Hadiza, which he has just released in collaboration with
Alternative creative media brand, Drummr Africa.

Hadiza is a subtle form of protest colored with sensationally smooth vocals and intimate sounds
of Afropop instrumentations. Invariably, it is also an ode to a valuable friend whom he lost. The
song was titled after her name.

In fond memory of Hadiza Garey remembers her as a person with a disposition that was larger
than life and an attitude that saw no sense in the dictates of cultural norms, he spices this song up
with undertones of his own selective rebellion against political, social, and religious constructs
that prevent youth from the use of recreational herbs.

Hadiza is a smooth-sailing Afropop record that draws its listener gently into its mid-conscious
lyrics that are not so much a weight to digest.

Garey Godson is an artiste whose versatility ranges from delivering silky vocals through
harmonies to expressing lyrical fluency through rap. He is heavily influenced by Afrobeats, Pop, and Rap Genres as a result of growing up in Nigeria and being exposed to a variety of sounds
over his lifetime that spreads between years in Nigeria and Berlin.

Beyond the music, Garey Godson is exposed to diverse cultures and is quite vocal about social issues, making music to
spark joy and reminisce on various human emotions. Hadiza is evidence of this and is part of
Drummr Africa’s collective project, Yamen Yamen.

Yamen Yamen in itself is an expansive music and arts digital project that is collectively built by
Music artists, Visual Artists, and Writers from within the African continent and its diaspora, of
whom Kibra is part, curated by Drummr Africa, a community-driven alternative creative
media and network brand devoted to discovering, connecting, and utilizing spaces for African
creatives. Through Yamen Yamen, Drummr hopes to create a platform for cultural exchange,
youth expression, and space for escapism. Nile is just the right way to turn the page open on a
new musical awakening.


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