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Having made his debut in the music industry way back in 2006, we can really say Francis Demesi aka Franso(his artist name) has been in the game for long. In our latest feature of Get to Know we get to talk to the multi-talented music producer/songwriter as he walks us through his musical journey from a group called Eastlandos affiliated with the renown hip hop group Ukoo Flani, his collaboration with known music artist, his love for the creative space, and also his latest album.

First of all, let’s start by knowing your real name is Franso your real name or a brand name? 

My real name is Francis Demesi, but my artist name is Franso

When did you make your debut in the music industry?

I made my first debut in the music industry back in 2006 under a group called Eastlandos. It was managed by Ukoo Flani Man Mau.

How was the experience back then when starting up and now? 

To be honest the experience back then was great. It was easy to sell your CDs and engage fans one on one. Unlike nowadays everything is digital and really hard to create a fan base.

How many artists have you gotten to work with in the many years you’ve been in the music industry? 

I have collaborated with a lot of musicians over the years both a rapper and producer. e.g [ Kanyeria, Wendy Kay, Ythera ,Kayvo kforce, oksyde, Dan Rei, Elisha Elai, Nem R, Msito, Maji Maji, Lness , n The Mumbua and more.

Why did you choose audio production? 

I chose music production because it’s fun. I love the process of audio production and the freedom of recording my own songs at any time.

How would you describe the music audio you typically create? 

My music audio flaunts diversity and I like to express a wide array of musical styles.

Which song have you produced that you’ve grown more attached to? 

Worth It feat Ciiku and Elisha Elai, I wanna be feat Dan Rei, Side Mirror feat Msito and the Mumbua

You also happen to be a songwriter? Which song have you helped to write? 

The songs that I have to write are Unbreakable by Dandora Music feat Ythera, Looking Up by Dandora Music and Klein Kalonzo, Worth It feat Ciiku and Elisha Elai, Asandore by Dandora Music, and more….

What is your creative process like when writing a new song? 

My creative process when I’m writing a song is to find a catchy melody or idea, record it down and then find chords or sometimes we do jam sessions with artists before we start writing or recording. Sometimes it all depends on the flow.

What would you be doing if you were not doing music? 

If I would not be doing music I would probably be an Electrician. I love fixing stuff, especially TVs and Radios.

Do you have a producer tag? If yes how did you come up with it?

No unfortunately right now I don’t have a producer tag yet but I’m in the process of trying to get one.

Which artist (Local and International) would you like to work with it? 

Local I would like to work with Nyashinski, Sage, pay, and many more, and internationally I would to work with Wiz kid, Ella Mai, Summer Walker, Khalid, Burna Boy, and more.

If you could change anything about the industry and people’s perspective of it, what would it be? 

If I could change anything about the industry, I would definitely change the quality of music that the radios are playing and also the politics in the industry that you have to know certain people for you to get played on TV or Radio.

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business? 

The internet has impacted the world in both positive and negative ways. For example, nowadays you don’t have to depend only on Radio and TV to get played you can use social media to market yourself and distribute your music.

Lastly, what’s next for you this year as a creative? 

This year I’m planning to release new videos from my latest album ‘The True Son of the Soil’. And I’m also looking forward to working with different new artists.

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