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On our new segment of ‘Get to Know’, we get to host the lovely Miss Nicole Agneta, a Believer| ~Poet|~ Model | ~Creative | and also a graduate in Counseling and Psychology. We caught up with her via mail to get know-how her poet and model journey has been and also a sneak peek of her daily life.

Kindly share something about Nicole Agneta?

I am who I am in the process of being who I am meant to be without removing relevance to who I am now.

Describe 2021 with one word?


Who/What inspires you?

That’s always a hard question for me. I’m never inspired by one sole thing…more so a collection of people, moments, experiences, conversations, and whatnot. Anything is a catalyst for creativity.

How did you get started as a poet?

I fancied myself a writer in primary school. I used to read A LOT of novels. Every chance I had; my nose was in a book getting lost in a story. I tried writing a short story, it had a nice ring to it. By the time I was going into Form 1 I understood that I was writing poems and it was a source of self-expression. I got into performance after watching a piece by “Janette…Iks” titled Ï will wait for you,” I remember watching her performance and falling in love. I knew I wanted to do what she was doing.

Describe your working day?

Mmhmm. Well, I work for a mental health organization- Mental 360 (I have a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling and Psychology) that usually takes up the chunk of my morning then the rest of my afternoon is filled with auditions, a shoot, a gig, or a planning meeting for either one.

How do your poems develop? Please guide us through the stages of a poem?

I never write my pieces in stages. Once an idea comes to me, I write the piece to completion so I can’t have a piece pending…if there is one, I’ll probably never finish it unless I’m inspired to re-write it and take it into a different path/storyline.

What is your creative process like?

Another difficult question depending on which facet of art/creativity you’re referring to. If it’s a piece, it’s basically what I shared earlier, If I’m hit by a concept, I simply have to take that moment to write it down somewhere, it’s like being pressed…you just have to go. If it’s a shoot, it always starts with a concept, then a mood board, and figuring out who makes up the team and where we can make the magic happen.

Where have you performed? What are your favorite and least favorite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?

Different spaces physically but the causes or themes for the shows are what linger, I did a piece for the Climate Lab recently that I impressed myself with. A lot of my first shows were done at Safaricom House. I’ve done Sofarr Sounds Nairobi which was exciting because I had always been a guest so it was cool to be featured.  I was a huge fan of a lot of the artists they’ve had on their platform internationally. Intimate gigs are my favorite…you really get to connect with people. I don’t have any upcoming shows as of now, I just recently did my first solo show titled “Flow with Cole,”- it was spectacular.

Do you feel the Internet and social media contribute to the well-being of poetry?

Well, yes. The internet has definitely changed how we consume content. It’s really cool to see how people share their work. I love pages with short pieces or quotes. I personally tend to share my pieces as a combination of audio and visual content. A recent one I did is titled Body- It’s on my IGTV. There are others titled Enough and Vulnerable which was a collaborative project.

Your Instagram page is amazing. How do you schedule your posting-related tasks?

Thank you very much. Well, it depends on when a project is done and then I normally coordinate with the photographer to see when our audiences are most active and move from there. Insights help make sure we share content during peak time frames where people are online so we can reach a larger scale of people.

You also happen to be a model. What made you decide to be a model and how would you describe your work ethic?

It started quite randomly actually. I never thought I would take it as seriously as I do now. I used to do scenes from the likes of Better Days, Tahidi High, and Shuga (which we really shouldn’t have been watching at the time lol) with my twin cousins. We’d make a camera out of cardboard and take turns acting and directing. The interest grew from there. I liked documenting moments; I really enjoyed the creative process including the editing. A photographer reached out to me on Instagram, his name is James Gathige and he was the first person who trusted me to create with him. I went with my cousin just to be safe. It was fun, we just continued working together since. We helped each other get comfortable and build our skills. I’m very grateful to him.

What is your schedule like during the week?

My mornings are my busiest times and the afternoons are more flexible which is when I get to do my creative projects or spend time with my favorite humans.

How do you stay mentally and inspirationally aligned?

Self-awareness and empathy.  I’ve learned to extend grace to myself especially in moments of doubt or a creative block. I also process things better when I get to discuss them whether that’s through venting or just saying things out loud. I have a great support system that I’m eternally grateful for. I’d say another thing is also allowing myself to consume other people’s content without comparison…that’s been a huge lesson and growth curve for me.

What is one professional goal you as Nicole have for yourself?

Hmmm. I want to draw purpose and joy from the things that I do. It would be fantastic if the money was *consistently* good too.

What are your strengths?

I’m passionate, I’m creative and I work well with teams…whether I’m taking the lead or acting as one of the gears to keep the machine moving. I guess curiosity and being open-minded has also helped in opening doors I didn’t know was meant for me until I walked through them.

What are your hobbies or interest outside of modeling or poet?

I’m into interior design- I did it professionally for a while too. I also paint and dance.

This one might sound personal but where do you see yourself in five years?

Living from a point of purpose and fulfillment.

I see myself in my own home with a partner I’m forever grateful for (luckily, he already presently exists-can I hear an AMEN?) and a dog I may be obsessed with, having consistent gigs and making good money while I’m at it so I can send my mother off on vacations because she deserves to see the world leisurely and not just for work and supporting my sister in whatever dreams she has. I think by then I would’ve had a solo billboard too. That’s been on my list for a while. I also want to maintain meaningful relationships.

Lastly, What are your social media handles, where can people find you?

YouTube: Nicole Agneta

Instagram: @nicole_agneta_a

Soundcloud: Nicole Agnet

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