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Stephen Nyakundi, better known as Steve Nyakundi, is a high fashion/pageantry commericial model from Mombasa, Coast. A student at Kenya Coast National Polytechnic. Steve also happnes to be the Civilization Ambassador advocate for morality in the society in the Coast Region. The Commercial Model spoke to Terry about his life journey and hsi passion for modelling.

Tell us something about you Steve?

Am Stephen Nyakundi, a commercial model currently doing high fashion and pageantry modeling. Am  a student at Kenya coast national polytechnic and also the civilization ambassador advocate for morality in the society and more so stand for the principals of humanity and self-awareness as far as community protection is concerned.

What are you passionate about?

l am passionate about fashion. l like exploring new trends in fashion and fashion photography. Am also an art love, from music to drama or acting.

What made you decide to be a model?

l decided to become a model because l needed a platform to get to meet experienced fashionistas and explore different ideas from different people about fashion. l also figured l could make a livelihood through my passion.

As a model, how do you organize your daily schedule?

Since l am a student. l have to ensure l maintain a strict workout routine before going to school. l have to know what l will eat at exactly what time if l have appointments l have to schedule the time for meetings myself because of school work.

What is one professional goal you have for yourself?

The goal l have myself is that l want to train my pageantry skills, work on my body so that in 4 years l wish to make it and compete for Mr. world Kenya, their after l go for Africa depending on the outcome because l want the platform to help push local talented models.

What modeling experience do you have?

l has a one and a half year experience in high fashion with several runways, and a 9months experience in pageantry with two competition participations so far.

Tell us about a challenge you faced when modeling?

The biggest challenge when beginning modeling is that it’s expensive. You have to buy attires for shoots and different themes in pageantry. Also getting to know the right channels to get jobs takes a long time.

Tell us about your biggest modeling accomplishment?

My biggest modeling accomplishments so far is becoming Mr. change Mombasa 1st runners up 2021 and Mr. popularity coast polytechnic 2021.

How well do you communicate with others?

l communicates with other models mostly on social media, that is Instagram and WhatsApp. Sometimes face to face during events and seminars

You also happen to be a pageant? Tell us what’s your favorite part of being a pageant?

My favorite part of being a pageant is that l can get to show my skills on runway freely and sometimes improvise my own moves which is quite exiting unlike high fashion where you have to follow a strict pattern.

Do you think there is a double standard for physical appearances between males and females?

l think modeling the appearance standards for male and female are almost similar. In some themes we all use make up and accessories and in other themes we do them natural, we are all required to maintain a certain figure and skin texture. No one is favored.

What are your hobbies or interest outside of modeling?

Apart from modeling my hobbies are swimming, reading, working out, watching movies and fashion observation.

Describe 2021 for you in one word?


What is one message you’d like to give a young man who wish to join your field?

Anyone who wants to join modeling , you don’t need to be rich, you don’t have to know someone specific to give you connections, you don’t need to have a previous experience but all you have to do is just begin from where you are. Join an agency, it doesn’t matter high fashion or pageantry. From their you will figure out what you want.

Lastly what’s your social media handles, Where can people get in touch with you?

You can find me on:

Instagram @nyakundi_stive

Facebook Stephen Nyakundi

TikTok.  Stivenyakundi

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