Gidi Kocha Goes Missing

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It’s now being claimed that A few moments after Gidi Kocha wrote a disturbing message on his social media account, the singer is nowhere to be seen.

In the wee hours of  Saturday morning, Gidi Kocha took to his social media handles and posted an encrypted text that read ‘ why Kidnap?’ which seemed to insinuate that the singer was in hot water with people who seemed to be unknown, assailants.

Close sources to the singer have claimed that the singer cannot be traced at his home, on social media accounts, and also on his phone with his whereabouts remaining largely unknown.

To add salt to injury his fans are alleging that the singer is nowhere to be found casting a doubt on what happened to the vocal singer.

We hope that the singer is safe and sound. Stay tuned for more updates on the developing story.

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6 months ago

May the Lord be with him

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