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Mpenzi, nakupenda.

Hapo awalii never used to know nitakua na chalibut who knows that God blessed me with a handsome nigga na kwa kila hali, Ni muhimu kukua na yeye step by step, views kwa kila kitu never matters.

it’s the heart, ketia kiti nikuoshe miguu,nikupikie chakula, maji ya kuogea tayari let me treat you like the king you are.

let me treat you, it’s my duty to spoil you too.

All this and more, I only have one request;

Usinilet down, cos I see a future with you. Nakupenda mpenzi and I wouldn’t want to lose you, keep doing your best to get a future as I do on my side, I’ll support you, whatever you want, I got your back.

Let me love you as a black woman should,mapenzi top-notch, top tier whatever they call it all I ask ni unione pia, for us to blossom and be the best we can be. Nakupenda babe.

Na ni chaguo la moyo, please say you do.

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