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I recently had an encounter with a post that listed the things we can’t buy with money, happiness and dreams were included on it and I had a heated conversation with a friend and she was arguing that happiness and dreams can be bought. My opinion was I don’t think it can be bought actually I don’t think it should be bought it was made to come naturally to us. We deserve happiness without even trying and the fact that happiness is being bought bugs me really.

My definition of happiness is the feeling of being happy and according to my research happiness is described as involving positive emotions and life satisfaction and it is a feeling which can be felt in the moment or a general sense of how they feel about life. I would like to look at the general perspective of happiness, the satisfaction it comes with money and the satisfaction it comes with acquiring it as it should be. It is a positive emotion that increases satisfaction with life.

Why should we buy happiness? The fact that everything is being monetized is annoying. Even with the air, we breathe and water and plants (the food we need), we have to put money into everything. Happiness is something you experience a lot of times in one day. The thing with emotions is they change, you may be happy in one minute and get sad the next minute and then angry, or bored, and when the day ends you will be happy.

It’s not a constant emotion and to think that I should put a price on that ‘nafeel tu zii’. Do you think you will not be happy if you didn’t have money? You will, it is a natural occurrence that is made to fulfill our desires of being content and satisfied in whatever we do every little thing we do. Money can buy happiness in instances where you don’t want to do anything and you can pay someone to do it for you or the fact that you have money and you know you will not lack this or that. It improves your mood.

If I wanted to go on vacation may be to Santorini, my money should cater to all my needs. If I want to drink cocktails and bask under the sun, I should not be worried because I know my hard work is paying off. You know the saying ‘Hard work pays!’ That is how I view money in my life. With or without the money I should be happy. But this is just my opinion and you know opinions differ.

Dreams being bought are not even surprising. I am not talking about the dreams you have when you go to sleep but, there is a time when I was watching a Korean drama and someone had a dream which signified fertility and there was some other person who was struggling to have a child and the struggling couple bought the dream from them. ‘funny right’ our superstitions differ. Back to the discussion, I am talking about the goals in life dreams.

Should they be bought too? I understand there are instances where we have to buy work or you should have connections to these ‘big fish in the sea’ for you to be able to afford your life but think about how the world would be if at the end of the road your goals are waiting for you. I know the probability is low but just think of the satisfaction it will bring. At the end of everything, we do our main aim is to satisfy our souls, body, and mind.

And if I have to struggle to pay for these things that the universe has sent to me for free ‘Hio ndio inaitwa mateso, juu utastruggle my friend’ Na I don’t advice on using shortcuts, it’s the easiest and shortest way to pass through but they do not bring long-term satisfaction. Let’s not put it in our heads that we should have money so that we can be happy, it should be, we should be happy so that money will be a cheering squad for my happiness.


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