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HESHMA was done by big boy RoDo. Produced by Shakie who is the founder and brainchild of Mandugu Digital. The Sound – ANGAZA MSANII RECORDS in Eastlands. Heshma Commands Respect for the Hip Hop Culture and Sound, Respect for wasanii, and Music in General. It gave birth to the Album Title itself.

Size Yangu ft. KUSHMAN

Size Yangu was a Song Originally written by Rodo. Since he’s a big boy, inspired by real-life events, the Tittle itself denotes that everywhere he goes he needs service in retrospect to his size/caliber/aura… He reached out to Kushman to pump it with a verse. The Tune was produced by the very talented Vicky PonDis.


This is a Party song written, recorded, and performed by Big Boy Rodo. It’s a feel-good vibe, denoting dance and celebrating our diverse culture, regardless of your tribe.

No Way Ft Rawkey & Oksyde –

No Way is Rodo’s favorite old-school hip-hop feel music from this Album. It commands Respect/Heshma as the three rap about no way anyone can compare themselves to them. Again, PROD BY Shakie, (sound – ANGAZA MSANII RECORDS).

Eastside Westside Ft. Verbal & Rawkey –

This Tune brings together Eastside and Westside people. The idea is that these two are from different worlds, living different lifestyles, and have different experiences. Rodo ranks this as one of his best punch lines so far in this Album. Verbal gave this tune a reggae feel. And Again it was produced by Shakie, (sound – ANGAZA MSANII RECORDS)

Ting Badi Malo –

This is a party song. From a Luo dialect- Ting Badi Malo, which means put your hands up. Done by RoDo and Madudu. Prod by Mandugu Digital

Rapture Ft. Madudu

Rapture basically explains how badly of a Lyricist Big Boy Rodo is. Rodo really flexed on this beat, his lyrical prowess is completely unmatched and incomparable to anyone. Rapture is powerful and crazy especially the funny lyricism in it. PROD BY Shakie, (sound – ANGAZA MSANII RECORDS)

Noma Sana Ft King Motizz

To Rodo, Noma Sana definitely ranks in the top 3 of Heshma Album. This was done by Rodo and his longtime friend King Motizz. The artists explain what exactly makes them that good, how good they are, and how classic their vibes and sound are. Actually, this song has more punch lines than any other tune in the Album. – Prod by Kay S (Sound – Bamming MUSIC)

Cha Kichawi X Madudu – PROD BY Shakie, (sound – ANGAZA MSANII RECORDS)

Again, Inspired by Heshma/Respect… Cha kichawi was birthed by Madudu. The two sing about how it is astonishing how artists spend time in the studio recording, spend the whole night rhyming and writing music, but still don’t get the much respect they deserve. It is a deep song, written from the heart. Please listen.

WASEMOKE ft. Katapilla and Hassano- PROD BY Vinc on the Beat, (sound –uniq musiq record)

WASEMOKE is probably rated head to Head with Heshma. Rodo has these two as his top 2. WASEMOKE is luo to mean it is Lit/the party is amazing. Rodney got inspired by Afrotunes/beats that he had to flex on this. On the day of Recording, he met KATAPILLA and Hassano, these Talented Acts had to jump on it. This Recording was done by VINC ON THE BEAT.


Inspired by real-life events, Rodo talks about how we should carry ourselves and condemns various acts that are considered norms nowadays including careless abortions, not working hard/smart, and laziness. Respect was done with Love and correction. Respect for everybody regardless of their status and the jobs they do. Sound- SINEWAVE MUSIC

Usiaipima Ft Raff Mshairi, Loxx De Chizz – PROD BY Shakie, (sound – ANGAZA MSANII RECORDS)

This collab was birthed by Rodo. Again the hip-hop easy feel was inspired by the old-school hip-hop Kenyan vibe. Rodo rates Raff Mshairi’s verse as the best in this. The studio session was so lit when doing this tune. Every hip-hop Lover would flow with this Banger.

Toka Chini – ft. Phyl

Toka Chini was inspired by our diverse culture. The colorful video is inspired by our African tradition, and the title TOKA CHINI, is dance inspired. The hook was done by Phyl the Kangogo with the vocals blending Rodo’s rap perfectly, listen to it. Produced and Sound by SINEWAVE MUSIC

Freestyle HHC Rap Challenge

This was a challenge brought about and inspired by Kaa La Moto, a heavy hip-hop artist. Big boy Rodo had fun with it, decided to flex on it, and include it on the Album.

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