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How do you define love? We all have different definitions of love. I don’t get why parents or people older than you tend to tell us that we don’t know what love is, you have to go through this and that for you to be conversant with the feeling a lot of wise men talk. Personally, I never wanted to experience love based on someone else’s definition, I wanted the feeling to come to me naturally when I was in primary school. Are you the hopeless romantic type or do you just vibe with the flow? Personally, I really like romance a lot, I have always wanted to experience the ones that we see in movies. Call me tacky but romance makes me so happy.

A man who knows to say the right things at the right moment is a total turn-on. A man who knows what his queen needs deserves breakfast in bed every day (inserts wink). I have always wanted to be taken out to dinner and dress up, I have never been a fan of dressing up like the other ladies and I have always wondered why is that and I came to realize that in all of my date fantasies I have always worn dresses and heels. Dresses that hug my body showing off God’s perfect creation and heels for my pretty feet because I  have pretty feet too. Have you ever seen how men buy their women dresses and tell them I want to see you in that dress, ‘ooof!’ A total turn-on. Most of us are shy in saying what we want because personally for me I have had a partner who used to tell me that I should stop daydreaming and ‘wueh! Ilibidi nimekojoa nilale’.

 I live a very boring life and I like to spend most of my time. I do not socialize a lot because not everyone checks out my vibe check. I have witnessed my best friend falling in love and it was a very beautiful sight to see. Being bought pretty little gifts and frequent check-ups is just sweet. Someone who makes me lose all my common sense is something I could really enjoy. I know I may not look like it but romance is my kryptonite. Being told you are pretty and hot, someone telling you how much they crave your presence, someone who is not afraid to show you off to the world.

Maybe it’s because I listen to a lot of love songs but someone who is “My sunshine when the rain is pouring” or “someone who is gonna want to hold me and squeeze me”. I have always wanted to save someone’s son as My Man on my phone. Show me you deserve that title my guy because it does not come with the size only but the whole package that a true man comes with.  I don’t know why when you start saving someone with a pet name and emojis they start disappointing you. I am a hopeless romantic in the sense that my man should be very touchy with me and at all times, and when I mean touchy, I don’t mean the holding hands touchy, hold my face while you kiss me, be very grabby when you want to be rough on me, don’t be scared to show off your skills, holding my waist while you pull me in for a hug and squeeze my butt anytime because what’s mine is yours.

I love clinginess and a lot of kisses. Kisses are sacred, I not only like being kissed on the lips, but also on my neck, my back, on my hands, on my tummy. A man who knows how to kiss can get a lifetime supply of some good-good, If you want to make your girl happy give her soft kisses at all times, take your time to learn the shape of her lips and feel her taste, let your mouth know where her every curve starts and ends let her drown your kisses.  Don’t get me started on the bedroom romance, I want to be freaked out, show me why I should be freaky for you. Don’t rush into satisfying yourself only, make sure your girl gets to enjoy it too.

A lady who is properly loved does not shy away from her freaky side, she will be like let me show you what my mouth can do. If you are loyal to her she will be more loyal to you, “lakini watu wa Nairobi wameskip hii ad”. I don’t know why people will tell you they are crazy in love with you and go and they are making another person feel the same thing that’s just boring but men are naturally polygamous and correct me if am wrong and it’s not that am saying women aren’t we can be if we want to, but we choose to tame our desires.

 A man who spoils his lady is a very romantic guy, buy me a dress and tell me, ”Baby, we are going on a date and I want you to wear this for me” You don’t know how a dominant man who knows what he is doing have psycho girlfriends. Men never admit to their mistakes, we ladies love honest men and apologetic men. If you are in the wrong you should accept your mistake because the quicker the apology, the quicker the reward (inserts wink.) But in all honesty, this is just but my point of view on what romance should be like, opinions differ but all women want the same thing and that is a good man who knows what he is doing. Now that I have given you a “Mwakenya!” go and pass your exams and I promise you, you will not regret it.


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