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Who is Steve Logan?

That’s a tough one, I’d say I’m a lot of things when it comes to my work I would say I’m super driven, I like creating magic and seeing people happy from my creation, and in regards to who I am, I’m someone who enjoys watching formula one and reading books and discovering who we truly are as humans.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Quirky, Extremely ambitious, and very overconfident

Why experiences?

In the same manner with daily experiences, your first heartbreak, first child, unique experiences packaged as an economic experience instead of buying your 15th watch on Amazon, bring happiness into your life much more than a material commodity… The idea behind host-guest is packaging a full experience and creating more meaning in people’s we preach minimalism of material objects.

Are your parent’s entrepreneurs?

Not really no, weirdly enough, both my parents are teachers who are still on the employment path so you can imagine being the son of parents who want the employment path.

What is the key driving force of you being an entrepreneur considering how you’ve been raised?

for me it’s always been about the challenges in the world, Africa has way too many problems for us to lack ideas that can advance us. selling experiences, I think using Jumia and the likes of Amazon is a good example of sites to buy things from, and a lot of the time it’s to bring meaning and joy into one’s life, except they’re still commodities, material objects, and not experiences.

Happiness comes from The connections we make the laughs we share the kinds of relationships we build, seeking deeply within ourselves, and knowing who we truly are

Speaking of connections, this is an entire generation of people who are addicted to their phones?

When people attend an experience that you’re holding, how do get them to break the ice and get to know each other, and have an entirely memorable experience? Intimacy. Intimacy is everything in breaking the ice. If you were to take me in front of a group of 30 or more people, I can’t be expected to talk as much, but when it’s as few as three to ten people as a maximum, it forces you out of your shell a bit to interact. maximum guests per experience are ten people to maintain the intimacy.

How would you define a typical normal business day for you?

I think of all CEOs I have the oddest routine because I don’t have an eight to five job because I work until I get tired. I do make sure to read a book or blog post on the few moments that I can spare and I have this culture where I watch a movie every day, technically a movie a week because I don’t get past twenty minutes before I fall asleep.

What would you say are your inspirational sources?

There are people out here doing great things like self-driven cars, smart buildings, rockets..basically anyone working toward the advancement of humanity because that’s what I’m all about.

What are the criteria used to get hosts?

Hosts are people who have a unique passion or skill that they would love to share. If you have a unique passion or skill that you feel is not out there, weird or quirky skills, a talent showcase to the world.

In our third-world continent, who would you say inspires you?

Nailab, founder, people at ponea health, guys in clean energy, electric bikes, and electric cars in Kenya. I wouldn’t say we have big names in Kenya but hopefully, as the years advance they can all join me at the table of billionaires up there(laughs). Mashida zile tuko nazo Kenya is my greatest inspiration to be better and move forward. Entrepreneurship isn’t about making money, money is a huge and very welcome bonus but the main aim is solving a problem, meeting a need.

If you weren’t an entrepreneur, who would you be?

A monk somewhere in the Himalayas because seeking the truth and knowing who we are is a huge part of existence and there’s a high probability of me leaving everything behind and going to India to figure myself out in a cave.

Knowing you personally since we’ve been friends for the longest time, aren’t you supposed to be more silent to be a monk?

(Laughs) a lot of people who know me know that in a very talkative person you included, so that’s going to be very hard but I’ll try

How long do you stick to an idea before giving it up since you seem like the kind of person to have many ideas?

It all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish and think from the perspective of a problem. What problem do you most identify with and want to solve? Think from the problem point of view.

What is your greatest entrepreneurial accomplishment?

This far, I would say the step to become an entrepreneur and leave my cocoon because I actually wanted to be a neurosurgeon when I was younger and it was also about solving a problem because there was a lack of that particular skill in Kenya and a lot of people who were suffering from that problem and at that point being a neurosurgeon would be the best way to advance humanity until I came to realize that being an entrepreneur gives you the power to solve problems for about a million people a day, ten million people a day and that’s good.

Do you have any shortcuts to successfully handling the stress?

It depends on the kind of person you are and I think I exist in the group of people that think of problems as sources of motivation and I never really think of myself as unhappy when running my company and even if I wake up to a thousand work-related fires, I can solve the problems and crush it and showcasing why I do what I do. What do you do on a daily basis to grow as an entrepreneur? oh man, it’s the books for me, I read and read and read to exhaustion, listen to podcasts, lectures, talking to people who know what I don’t. I will say how I grow is just acquiring information

What are the main principles you follow to build successful customer relations?

It’s funny you should mention this, at host-guest we have a couple of values and our number one value is always the customer is king because what you should realize as a business person is that the customer will pay your bills so as long as the customer is happy than the work keeps flowing.

Have your priorities changed since you first started out as an entrepreneur?

For me, I’d say it’s balancing business and my personal life. for starters, there’s no such thing as work-life balance you can never have fifty-fifty of work and personal life balance, so I would say you can achieve work/life harmony,

Do you believe there’s a winning formula to being a successful entrepreneur?

aiiii ziiii, hizi vitu ni trial, and error bana. the worst thing I ever did is reading books and then trying to create a magic formula from the books I read and build my castles from there. I think if you’re someone who is very keen on experimenting, figuring out what works for you because entrepreneurship is also a lot about your personality.

Are entrepreneurs born as such or are they raised to be successful?

I think you have to grow into it, like Zuckerberg,.this 19 yr old kid in college in the very early days who also says he had to grow into the role of being an entrepreneur, to be a CEO, to manage your team, these are things you should be very willing to grow into and be ready to learn because its a study.

How do you deal with insubordination?

Unfortunately, I am a very impatient person. it’s okay to mess up and learn from it but consistent mess-ups can’t be allowed so I can say my patience goes for three or four mess-ups and I’m done.

How would you define success?

Success is a very elusive thing because personally I never think ill ever be content.

Why a company mascot?

Lemme tell you the thing about host-guest for the people who’ve seen us around, we feel that there’s not enough of us pursuing crazy ideas here a crazy idea that’s just as simple as how you communicate with your users and here were all about taking things from one to zero to one hundred and also because its a very fun thing, and lastly because, why not?

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