How to Know You are on the Right Path

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The question, “Am I on the right path?” naturally and often pops up in most of our minds. It’s part of adulting, where we question everything that we do or come our way. All this is because we don’t know what the right path is. I have personally questioned everything, including my existence. 

The challenging part is trying to come out strong while in this world; no one is perfect. Every older adult was once where we are, and they took different paths in life that they never knew meant to be. There are times I get on with my work and, at some point, feel out of this world. It’s at this point you try to balance your relationships and career and at the same time let go of things that don’t truly matter or add value to your life. 

More so, all the work we put in, seeking guidance, and the mistakes we make, seem as if our goals are far from reach. We don’t realize that we may be in the middle of making that dream a reality. So, just a breather to help you loosen up, here are some signs to know that you are on track. 

  1. Doing Your Assignment Before Making Big Decisions

Most of you ignore this obvious sign where you always do some research and seek guidance for something big you want to venture into. This step shows how willing you are to take on life. To bring about the change we seek, we need to make decisions we have never made before. It is part of growing. In making these significant decisions, adequate preparation is necessary to get into character easily. 

  1. Quick to Seek Clarity? Be Patient, Step Back and Assess

These features might seem void or crazy, but one thing we must put in mind is we cannot accommodate everything. To go far in life, you have to focus on what adds value to your life the most. That way, you will be more productive in that area. Do not feel guilty about saying no or stepping back to things that no longer serve you. Asking questions, too, when you don’t have the answers, shows that you are genuinely committed to your course. 

  1. Willingness to Try Something New

Majority of the young generation is moved by shifts and trends taking place across the globe. This aspect shows how dynamic we can be, which is a trait of leading a successful path. The urge to try new things is powerful when we realize who we are and want in life. It manifests in our lives after we have a healthy understanding of our worth. With that identity, you can quickly take risks that are in line with our field.

  1. You Are Happy About the Life You Are Creating for Yourself

If what you are chasing after makes you smile every day, you are going after the right thing. If you genuinely find yourself waking up every day to work on the same thing, or business or job, without feeling negative about it, you are right on track. If you find yourself speechless about your work, what more could you want? It takes a while before these moments happen, but when they do, suck them as there will be more to enjoy. 

  1. When Mistakes Don’t Hold You Back

You may have made significant mistakes in life, but you still feel like you can do better; it’s a meaningful sign. When starting something new, you might stumble, get a rejection or barely start before hitting a wall. If you live upto the valuable lesson of these mistakes and push forward or regress your path, it shows how incredible you are. 

Majority of us have indefinitely gone through that. How many times have we stumbled or hit rock bottom, be it in schools, relationships, at work, and still come out stronger? You never gave up at that particular point—it shows that you believe in a more fantastic future.  


You can certainly see how awesome you are if these or some of these signs apply to you. With these signs, you can be sure you are heading towards essential things. While we may not be successful, we realize we are learning something about ourselves that helps us better understand life and how we want to live it. We also recognize that we are making milestones that contribute to the greater goal. So, don’t pressurize yourself as nothing great comes in an instant. 

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Eduh Issah
Eduh Issah
1 year ago

Inspiring and educative blog….. Helps one reflect on their life….. Thumbs up

James Otieno Muhula
James Otieno Muhula
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Very informative article. Well researched. Well done

1 year ago

So inspiring ,,,keep rolling

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Woow!So inspiring….waiting for more articles

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