Hustlesasa and The Alchemist launch a digital incubator for Kenyan creatives

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HustleSasa, one of Kenya’s leading mobile apps for creators, today announced that applications are now open for its upskilling and digitization incubator. Dubbed ‘Turning Passions into Livelihood’, this 9-month project run in collaboration with The Alchemist aims to provide young creators across Kenya with the tools, resources, networks and knowledge needed to make money doing what they love.

Hustlesasa and The Alchemist to launch a digital incubator for Kenyan creatives
Hustlesasa Core Team

Participants will spend 7 weeks attending immersive business and marketing masterclasses facilitated by different industry experts such as Artists Rights Africa, Olivia Ambani & Tetu Shani. Some of the topics covered include financial literacy, budgeting, community building, integrated marketing communications, the future of art (i.e. cryptocurrency, NFTs, etc) and mental health.

After the learning sessions, participants will spend 2 weeks getting onboarded onto the HustleSasa mobile app. The company’s CRM Team will provide guidance to the program participants on how to use all of the platform’s features to successfully manage their businesses online. During the app onboarding period, creators will also receive graphic design and product photography support so as to ensure they build professional websites which they can use to sell seamlessly to their audiences.

This ambitious project stands out for a number of reasons. Firstly, there will be 4 different cohorts of 250 participants each, totaling 1,000 upskilled creatives all over Kenya by December 2023. To add, the incubator curriculum caters to a broad range of creator types e.g. musicians, dancers, event organizers, writers, chefs, beauty, haircare & skincare specialists, photographers and many more. This is different from other similar programs which generally work with smaller cohort sizes of around 15-30 participants and focus on specific creative roles e.g. production, DJing, music performance, etc. Lastly, since all the participants will be on the HustleSasa mobile app, there will be continuity for them even after the program concludes as the platform regularly runs community initiatives like event financing and networking gatherings for its app users.

For The Alchemist, being a part of this project is another opportunity to add to its 7+ years of contribution to the local creative scene by giving more artists a space to connect, learn and share their talents with eager audiences. The venue will act as the community hub for the incubator, with all of the project’s in-person activities being held there, and the program culminating in a grand showcase in December 2023 where the public will interact with 100 of the participant’s brands and enjoy a live concert featuring a number of beloved local musical acts.

HustleSasa Co-Founder & CEO, Peng Chen, says “We care about creatives and their dreams. Running this program gives us an opportunity to continue walking alongside young people in the arts and entertainment space as they turn their dreams into sustainable realities.”

To apply for the first cohort of the ‘Turning Passions Into Livelihood’ program, click here.

This project is supported by a grant from the Ignite Culture: ACP-EU Culture Programme (Eastern Africa). The fund is being implemented by HEVA, in partnership with the British Council Kenya, with the financial contribution of the European Union and with further support from the Organisation of ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific) States. It is part of the global ACP-EU Culture Programme.

For further inquiries, contact:
Project Manager: Stephanie Gogo
Email Address:

About HustleSasa:
HustleSasa exists to prepare creators in Africa for the increasingly digital future by empowering them to learn new ways of making money doing what they love, while building strong communities around their work online. The HustleSasa mobile app helps creators start, run and grow their businesses in one place, allowing anyone to build their online storefront in minutes, manage orders from anywhere, accept payments via card or mobile money, view sales insights on the go, collect customer data, withdraw money instantly and handle delivery – all from their smartphone.

In its first two years of operation alone, HustleSasa has more than 15,000 brands set up on the app, and over 1,000 creators already selling USD $1M+ worth of events, music, books, food & drink, retail products and creative services to over 50,000 unique online buyers.

Social Media Handles:
@hustlesasa – Instagram
@hustle_sasa – Twitter
@hustlesasa – Facebook

About The Alchemist:
Founded in 2016, The Alchemist is a cultural space for young Kenyan entrepreneurs across the food, fashion, music, art and entertainment industry to showcase their creativity.

Social Media Handles:
@AlchemistBar254 – Twitter
@alchemist254 – Instagram
@Alchemist254 – Facebook

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