I told you she would say NO, she did.

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Today morning, I woke up reading Silas Gisiora Nyanchwani memo number 36 from National welfare Desk of men and I’m astounded. Dear men, go read read those memos.

From the memos, I’ve learnt one, two, three things. One, take rejection positively, I know we men have an ego of not accepting the aftermath like Raila Odinga, still, take a seat, sip some tea and swallow the rejection. Keep looking, you might find another.

Two, you can never win a girl who has changed her mind about you. Speaking about my experience, I lost my dignity trying to win a girl who we shared a lot in day time and night time. I simped just because I wanted her so badly, after sometime, I realized, letting go brings back your lost dignity. I’m dignified, again.

Three, never seek an explanation why she left. They say, when you seek the truth pain is all you find. For how long can you endure pain? Save yourself from certain things. If she has chosen to go, let her go. Those who go never intended to stay. Find another. Dominate. Just don’t simp to find an explanation.

Regardless of learning a few things, oftentimes I trip. So, I’m tripping for this lady, she won’t love me I know but I just want her. Foolish, right? She has rejected me already, I knew before she did. I have no problem with that. But, how did she reject me? I won’t ask her these questions of course. I can’t fathom the pain.

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Ethel Nakhumicha
Ethel Nakhumicha
2 years ago

Beautifully to thw point!

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