In The Break Of Dawn

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You’re sleeping, the sun is about to shine bright and I’m awake already, staring at you wondering if I’m living a dream or a reality. You were my dream and now a reality. Why does it feel like a dream though?

Each time I close my eyes you disappear, when I open them, you’re right here with me, sleeping on my chest skin to skin, painting pictures of us in the near future, laughing at your own imaginations of us which I know not.

Two years ago, this was a dream I never dreamt of. All I dreamt was you waking up next to me, that’s all. You were a dream. Now a reality. Wake me. Should I love you for who you were or who you’re? I’m startled. I’m afraid.

Before, you broke me. I cried. I was hurt. I’m here for you, to live, to love, to laugh, and be happy. Isn’t this love? My thoughts are glued to you. I’m afraid. Wake me. Tell me this is just another dream. If this is a reality, then, forever after is a reality.

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