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Patricia Phillip Mativo is a vice chairperson of The United Nations Fund Population Youth Advisory board, a sexually productive health advocate, and former brand ambassador of Riziki source a social enterprise that deals with people with disabilities. She is currently Ms president contestant representing Nairobi county in the reality show ‘Ms President’ that airs on the television channel KTN.

In an exclusive interview, Miss Patricia Mativo narrates her life journey story to who she is today.

Born and raised in a family of two in Tanzania, she is the last twin to his twin brother Patrick Mativo. In her academic life, she schooled in Tanzania from her primary education levels to form three in her secondary education.

“I was involved in a road accident while in form three and was rendered immobile thus had to pause my education.” She says.

The accident left her with a spinal cord injury leading to partial paralysis.

“Waking up disabled was very traumatizing.” She adds.

The incident was not a walk in the park. She had to stay indoors for two years, to overcome the trauma.

“I went through therapy to progressively learn how to make footsteps. From lying on a bed to sitting on a wheelchair then to using walkers to clutches.” She states.

In 2015, she resumed school and joined St Aloysius Gonzanga located in Lang’ata, Nairobi. Her academic journey was not easy either. Transitioning from the Tanzanian education system to the Kenyan system, being stared at, and the severe headaches were among the major challenges.

While in school, she majored in all sciences plus the mandatory subjects. In her last year in high school, she emerged at the top in the national exams and joined Multimedia university to pursue a bachelor’s degree in analytical chemistry.

“People used to see my disability rather than me as a person, but after overcoming the trauma and topping in my exams, people started terming me as Patricia the top student.” She says.

In her campus life, she took the bull by its horns and continued with the same drive and got to the top in her class is the only one with a first-class honors degree in analytical chemistry.

Her biggest turning point she tells the writer was her realization that her future was in her control and it depended on her persistence.

Today, Patricia has led leadership roles across the board. She’s one of the eight champions of the South Learning Network for HIV in Kenya, plays wheelchair tennis here in Kenya, is a mental health advocate, is an environmentalist, and is a humanitarian advocating for youths’ rights mainly those with disabilities.

This year, she has qualified for season 2 of Miss President in an overpull of over 750 women across the country, she got to qualify among the 50 that were selected.

Ms President is a TV reality show that aims to showcase what incredible work women are doing in their spaces, all the way from the national level to the grassroots level.

Patricia is currently representing Nairobi county despite the fact that it’s a competitive county in the country, she remains hopeful that she will emerge victorious and carry home the 2.3 million prize.

“I know I have what it takes and I have the courage that I’ll run for it.” She adds.

She urges young people not to give up, and never to ignore their mental health because it’s only through their mental health that they are able to steer their dreams.

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