Internal glow reflects into your external glow

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”The glow outside starts with the glow inside”. Bien a Sauti Sol band member recently quoted

When you are internally at peace, it directly shows from the outside in relation to how you treat people and how you relate with yourself.

Recently, I have been feeling really out of place. I just assumed it was the heat on the coast just overwhelming me since I have been here for some days. Normally whenever I felt like this I would just take a quick shower and automatically feel better. This time round that remedy confidently backfired.

To cut the long story short. I’m just a 21-year-old who just graduated and I am just feeling out of place because I have this insane urge of moving out and living under my roof. I spend a lot of time brainstorming about my moving misery and hosting a pity party in my head of how grown I am in my parent’s house. It was an entire wrestling match in my head with my several thoughts fighting against each other.

My internal glow was slowly dimming and it affected my external glow. I started feeling insecure and less confident and not good enough. Once you feel like this, progress in whatever thing you might be doing or planning to be doing will stagnate. I started having a very gloomy face and could barely hold a smile. My facial expression what not welcoming.

I realized the fights I was having inside were boldly showing on my face and this was alarming. Some people would opt to go on a vacation or go to the spa to relax which is also a good option. My option was a prayer session which also works. The point of this entire narration is that how you feel inside is definitely going to affect how you behave outside and also how you look. Attend to your internal glow and the external glow will walk in without hesitance.

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