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William Shakespeare was right: “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

Melvin Kioko or otherwise known as Wakili na Akili is a budding lawyer in the city of Nairobi and is on his path to achieving greatness in the “Lawverse”

Who is Melvin Kioko?

Melvin is a geek with a nerditude! I am the first born of three cool siblings. I am deeply interested in leadership and am currently a student leader at the Africa Nazarene University. In addition, I love reading and talking with people on vast topics from the colossal universe to ordinary daily life.

You have a Legal Consultancy, tell us about that. How did the idea come up?

From an early age, I had a proclivity towards advocacy. I remember defending my little sister when she would get in trouble with my parents and I would always talk on behalf of the school during events. When I joined law school I learnt about the law and how it can be a tool for change. However, the majority of people don’t have the funds to retain lawyers so the Law and Behold Legal consultancy is a cheaper avenue for legal advice for the common Wanjiku.

What does the consultancy do?

Essentially, we act as a link between clients and skilled advocates. We have specialized in matters conveyancing, company law, intellectual property, and contracts. We counsel clients on the best cause of action for their disputes.

I have two phenomenal partners and one is a certified professional mediator.

Who inspires you?

God has been there for me since day one, but I have several people who have inspired me and one of them is Professor Leah T. Marangu, who was the first female professor in Kenya and Vice-Chancellor of Africa Nazarene. I met her and after hearing her story I was motivated to do the best with the little I have.

What’s next for Law and Behold?

We want to grow in size so that we can help the most number of people we can. We are working on our podcast to have more audiences. Moreover, we are working on creating events for creatives, lawyers, and law students to connect like what EpicPulse Magazine is doing- S/O to Marcus!!

Any parting Short?

Indeed, as young Africans, we have what it takes to liberate ourselves and our community only if we study the laws and principles that govern the world so let’s all read and read! I’m not out of words but out of time – much love!

Social Media Handles

Instagram: malembaaa

Twitter: @KiokoMelvin

Facebook Page: Melvin Kioko Malemba

Instagram: lawandbeholdconsulting

Twitter: lawandbeholdcon

Facebook Page: Law and Behold

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M. R. Mukani
M. R. Mukani
10 months ago

All the best MK

8 months ago

I didn’t know you started a consultancy. Very impressive, and definitely inspiring!

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