Is love fate or free will?

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Fate and free will are of course two different things. Love is a strong feeling of deep affection for somebody or something. In this case, we are talking about somebody, especially a stranger you just met of the opposite sex. Love being fate means it was meant to be and nothing can stop it from happening. On the other hand, Love being free will is basically it being an option and consciously deciding to love romantically.

Firstly, Look at it from the Fate perspective. The Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary defines fate as the power that is believed to control everything that happens and that cannot be stopped or changed. In this case the love between two people can not be stopped or changed because of the power of fate. Truth be told, love is a supernatural feeling that you just feel all of sudden.

Saying love is free will just looks so millennial. Excuse my language. I did not mean to judge. Just to give it the benefit of doubt, we can decide to love someone and decide not to depending on the circumstances of the relationship and also on the individual’s point of view on their relationship. I understand, that the previous statement is quite general. Forgive me. Yet again, can love be defined by free will?

So as I conclude, Is love fate or free will?

If you have enjoyed this read, do not be shy to give your opinion or point of view if love is actually fate or free will.

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