Issues that men secretly go through

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Too many men are suffering in silence. For the sake of looking like a man, they hide their issues, failing to deal with them. In the long run, they hurt other people, especially women and children, they grow up angry, they get lost in addictions, they commit suicide, they beat up others, and they kill. Let’s take time and interrogate the issues that men are going through.

The societal expectations

Society largely doesn’t understand men. Society has simplified men to these species of people who don’t cry, don’t have emotions, all they want is sex and their meaning is to make money. Sadly, many men have taken this as their identity living a shallow life. I have watched men break down, some broke down when it was too late.

Gentleman, if this is you, know that it is OK not to be OK, it is OK not to always be strong, it is OK to be hugged, to be cared for, to cry even without tears, to vent; it is OK to be human. Do not let society rob you of your emotions, your humanity, and your heart. Frankly speaking, society doesn’t care, refuse its shallow definition of you.

The pressure of money

Many men think that their worth is determined by the amount of money they have, and so once he gets retrenched, suffer losses, or gets fired; he feels worthless. Money is just a measure of human cash for trade. Man existed before money and thus a man’s identity was before cash.

Gentlemen, be confident in who you are. Money comes and goes, when you are a man of vision and purpose, money will find you; but with plenty or less, don’t let it determine who you are.

The fast-paced life

Most men did not prepare for growing up, they just found themselves thrust deep into adulthood and responsibilities and they can easily snap. Marriage, fatherhood, do this, do that; all that can take a toll on a man, especially one who doesn’t deal with his inner issues. They just need to rest once in a while and catch their breath and bearing.

Gentleman, stop moving too fast or you will break. Take some time to relax, enjoy your family and friends, laugh, and play.

The pressure from fellow men

Because there is an abundance of broken men, they often gang up together and stay in the same broken state. The wrong male friends are the biggest downfall of a man, they encourage bad behavior, the mistreatment of women, the abuse of power, and the justification of wrong.

Gentlemen, analyze the quality of your friends and ask yourself, “Am I hanging out with broken men as we lead each other to nowhere?”

The perception that bad is better

Most men falsely think that when they shout, dictate, order people around, act heartless or intimidate then they will be respected and look manly. This is especially magnified when a man has no good examples of role models.

A gentleman, a great man is one who is admired, respected, and celebrated because of his good character.

The suppression of the need for love

Every human spirit needs love and was created to love and be loved; including men. It takes maturity and strength for a man to be vulnerable and accept that he needs love. Men are hurting, begging for love but they are cowards to admit it. A man who struggles to love God will struggle to love himself and others, he will struggle to accept his need for love.

Gentleman, to live in this life without loving and being loved is not to live at all.

The pressure of sex

Every man wants to feel like they are great in bed, and so this can easily lead to a competition of sex. This competition can easily be heightened when a man is surrounded by men who make him feel he is not man enough if he doesn’t have a side chick or an affair or if he doesn’t get sex often. This kind of man will feel under pressure to prove that he is great in bed.

Gentlemen, know the difference between sex and intimacy. Grow up and pursue intimacy, intimacy is personal and sacred with no pressure.

The pressure of marriage

Marriage can come with a whole lot of pressure especially when a man is married to a woman who doesn’t appreciate him and only sees his wrongs. Some men in this kind of union wonder why they got married, they lack peace, they dread coming back home because of fights with their wife and so they become wandering souls, if there is no peace and warmth at home, where else does one go?

Gentlemen, you cannot dictate how your wife behaves but you can influence her. When you give your wife attention and make her feel special, she in turn gives you peace. You can influence her mood.

So the next time you have issues please don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t sink into depression or stress when you can talk to someone.

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