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Growing up, I never had someone to whom I could open up and rant about all my troubles and worries. I was always alone, and whenever I went through something, the only way I could get over it is giving it a good cry. I never knew how to express myself to people and at this grown age I could say it is still a problem having to open up because even when I do open up, people always seem to be ready with their different opinions on how I could solve my issues but that was never the point. Crying is therapeutic if you ask me. I have always pushed my emotions aside especially if they were too hard to handle, but the problem with putting problems aside, they always end up piling up and becoming unfinished tasks, and when those unfinished tasks get caught up with you, the pressure becomes real and you get into a full-blown meltdown.

Have you ever cried for no reason? You were happy for a moment then all of a sudden you felt like crying and you don’t know why but it just seems right to cry at that particular moment no matter where you are. Well, I know I have. Let me tell you a story, there was a time at work I felt like crying, and I felt sad for some reason since I woke up. I went to work but the series that occurred that day pierced my heart and I started crying, I was in front of people but, I could not stop the tears, I just felt like crying until I couldn’t feel my eyes. There were a lot of things I had gone through and was still going through at that time and when that day happened, there was an incident that happened that tipped the iceberg. I had hoped that they would not get the best of me, as someone once told me I shouldn’t take things to heart, but the thing with me is, I do take things to heart and keep them pending like unread messages.

Then I remembered I did not have someone who could listen or comfort me and that added to things to cry about. I felt like the whole world was sad, so I went somewhere private and cried so much. Have you ever been in a situation where you are seriously crying and you pick up a mirror or you go and stand in front of a mirror and start crying just to see how you look and you will be like,” Damn, I look ugly when I cry.” and you start laughing at yourself or am I the only crazy person?  And you even start giving yourself some pep talk. Some people can’t watch an emotional movie without crying, I am also that kind of person or even a situation. But some people choose their pride over everything else, especially men. “Ati nilie, kwani mimi ni mwanamke?” that’s what he said.

It is a few men I have ever seen cry and it breaks my heart because this is where there are few emotionally intelligent people.  This is where people who do not know how to comfort people come in, this is where people fall into depression and suicide because they are scared to face their emotions and you do not want to be seen as a weak person, and when the emotion gets the better of you, you are not able to handle them.  Crying does not signify weakness, to me if you are someone who can cry when you are not okay, you are a strong and emotionally intelligent person because you can face your troubles and give them a good cry. When you are in pain, give it a good cry, when you are helpless give it a good cry, when you can’t seem to feel happy, give it a good cry, when everything does not seem to be going well, give it a good cry.

Research says that crying is a good thing, according to this article Is crying good for you? – Harvard Health. It also says that there are a lot of benefits because it purifies and drains all negativity and repressing feelings is bad for our health both physically and emotionally and it can lead to depression, cardiovascular diseases, anxiety, stress, and depression. But do not cry for a long time, because after clearing your heart, your mind should be able to take over without having any hindrance from your emotions since you have let them drain away with tears. After all, they say, when the going gets tough, keep going. Pain is here to shape you but crying is here to save you. Even Jesus wept, who are you not to?
And for those people who find people when they are crying and start asking questions like, “Sasa unalia nini?” that is not a way to help. If you want to help someone who is crying just sit there with them and let them cry, and when they finish crying, comfort them first and assure them everything is going to be okay, because it eventually becomes okay and that is when you throw in some questions and solutions.  Give it a good cry sometimes and you will see how things will go.


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Nice article

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This is a good one 🥰

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