Jamaican Rebel Empress Yeza Unleashes New Fiery, Afro-Centric Infused Track ‘God African’

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Tribute to the Motherland or an ode invoking her regal ancestry; All eyes are on Yeza Music, as the Jamaican upstart continues to turn heads. Today, the Rebel Empress unleashes God African, a new fiery, Afro-centric infused track, with a gritty dancehall, hip-hop essence produced by the multi-talented producer/visualist Sarangetti Music.

God African,” the lyrical poem offering from the Rebel Empress serves a reminder to people of African descent globally to recognize their African greatness, the true natural wealth and abundance. In the words of the Rebel Empress as she effortlessly glides over the pan-African/dancehall rhythm “Ride a stallion like I’m Yennenga, say the Congo worth 24 trillion, Welcome to the Rich generation; Hold on, Wha-happen to the bloody diamonds and the Coltan, Sierra Leone nuh get nuh money for the platinum “. This powerful wordplay seemingly seeks to invoke the spirits of her Pan African ancestry (warriors and intellectuals) as is her mantra “Africa for Africans that a mi slogan Asantewaa stand up ina me like a soldier “and serves as a roll call to unite the people; exemplifying positivity and a revolutionary mindset to remove the negative connotation of the continent that is so often portrayed by the Global Media.

Sarangetti Music, notoriously known as a production genius for his part in the track “Confident” by Kenzic and Keznamdi, a fellow Pan Africanist (production & publishing house based in Kingston Jamaica and Nairobi, Kenya) had loads of fun working with Yeza on this track as the chemistry was seamless, track direction was clearly thought-out and eventually evolved into a masterpiece.

This track could not have been released in a better timing, with Yeza riding on a high after her previous release- Glory Remix with the legendary Sizzla Kalonji and a serious endorsement from Seani-B and the BBC 1 Xtra Team (Note -Glory Remix and Kingdom now streaming on BBC Sounds)

Stream and Download God African https://linktr.ee/yezamusic

Yeza, short for Yezambique (Swahili for Resilient,) self-coined as the “Rebel Empress” is a strong, fierce to say the least, Jamaican vocalist from East Side- Bull Bay, St. Andrew Jamaica otherwise famous for other big Artiste such as Skillibeng, Rytikal, Jada Kingdom, and even home to the Marley Family at one point. Hailing from a musical community Yeza has been dubbed as the Rebel Empress for her deep lyricism, effortless melodies and fierce sex appeal whilst maintaining her Pan-African roots and righteous sentiments which serves as her mantra. Yeza is coined in Jamaican terms as a “Singjay”– with her ability to sing as well as the awesome lyrical Floetry filled with many odes and alliterations at times, something which you will find unique

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